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Local Bowling Report: Pee Wee's begin Sunday


The Pee Wee League will get underway this Sunday, Nov. 6 at 3:30 p.m. and run for six weeks under the supervision of Chris Drew. Ages are seven and under to 4 or 5 depending on size and capability.

It seems like lane conditions are the big topic. It is true we are fighting the oiling machine. There are some new parts coming and hopefully I will have them by the time this goes to print. I wish people would talk to me face to face and not leave notes. I accept full responsibility and will resolve this as soon as possible.

TOURNEY TRAIL: This week end one maybe two are making their way up north to Calgary; Shawn Mariani and Ryan Mapes. Good luck guys.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Tape is the answer for the bowler who has thumb troubles. No one's thumb stays the same. When you come in from outdoors in the winter your thumb will be smaller, as you bowl it will increase in size. There are several different kinds of tape to use. A bowler will have to experiment to find out which to use. Remember if you do not use tape you are squeezing your ball.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: L. Fitzpatrick 209; C. Holden 547; S. Holden 215, 603; Midtown Car Care 888, 2,450. HIGHLIGHTS: K. Moore 184; G. Hoffman 190, 504. 1st tie The Ultras and Midtown Car Care.

MONDAY SRAIGHTAWAY: R. Turner 298, 854; Minnow's Marine 590; Creative Leisure 2,188. HIGHLIGHTS: B. Berreth 222; M. Hamilton 224, 789. 1st Minnow's Marina.

WOMENS CITY: M. Beck 196; J. Rodgers 527; K. Shettel 179 (79 over average); M. Beck 519. SPLITS: M. Beck 4-5-7. 1st Tilleman Motors, 2nd tie Lucky Strike Casino and Mariani Insurance.

MENS CITY: J. Pearson 221; Roy Hamilton 58; Bru's Pro Shop 1,111, 3,116. HIGHLIGHTS: R. Hamilton, 215, B. Henry 214; J. Burrington 558; C. LaBuda 44. 1st Bill Henry Construction, 2nd Diversified Surveying.

THURSDAY MORNING: J. Rodgers 197, 549; Barkus Home Center 629, 1,788. HIGHLIGHTS: M. Pizzini; J. Mayer 489. 1st Raymond James.

THURSDAY MIXERS: A. Owens 200 (74 over average); T. Pozega 500; J. McDonald 199, 562. HIGHLIGHTS: S. McDonald 167 (50 over average). C. Pappis 198, 558. 1st Rod's Drive Inn, 2nd Palace Bar #2.

HIGH FOR THE WEEK: Laine Fitzatrick 209; Christie Holden 547; Ron Turner 298, 662.


MONDAY MIXED: L. Foster 190, 494; D. Redding 225, 580; Goldstone 82, 2374.

TUESDAY HDCP: C. Pappas 232; G. Spinler and D. Ditmar 621; Milk River Motors 898, 2481.

WEDNESDAY WOMEN CIVIC: R. Ish 162; C. Rounds 403; No name 429, 1146.

SPLITS: A. Kolstad 3-7-10; G. Gatzemier 5-7; C. Rounds 5-6-10.

200's, 500's, and 600's: C. Pappas 232, 224,615; D. Kline 226, 584; G. Spinler 222, 210, 621; D. Ditmar 222, 214, 621; R. Shepherd 207, 540; T. Langel 205, 202, 573; M. Streissel 200, 540; G. Standiford 566; R. Melby 549; L. Wendland 531; K. Springer 527.

HIGHS FOR THE WEEK ARE: L. Foster 190, 494; C. Pappas 232; G. Spinler and D. Ditmar 621.


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