Chinook prepares for state swim meet next month


Chinook is expecting hundreds of visitors this summer as they host a statewide swim meet over the last weekend of July.

The city has been considering how to prepare for the flood of students and their families from all over Montana and how to accommodate them for a couple months now.

Chief of Police Mark Weber has been in contact with other communities that have recently held similar events, including Conrad who hosted it last year.

According to Weber, the city has gotten a go-ahead to use the Blaine County Fairgrounds and Hoon Field, where Chinook High School plays football, for the overflow parking of people's campers that the city anticipates getting dropped off as soon as the weekend prior.

"They'd like to park ten feet from the pool, " Weber said. "But that just won't work. "

He also said that the city would limit campers in town with slide-outs to only open one side, "otherwise emergency vehicles can't get in there. "

With just less than 60 days until the meet, the preparations are starting to fall into place.


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