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Jason Christ sues state, hasn't renewed green card


MISSOULA — A Missoula man whose company helped thousands of people apply for medical marijuana cards is suing the state health department because his medical marijuana card has not been renewed.

The Missoulian reports Jason Christ filed a complaint against the Department of Public Health and Human Services this week in District Court in Missoula. He is seeking $7,000.

Christ's complaint says he uses marijuana to control the pain of Crohn's disease. He says he can no longer legally smoke marijuana because his card expired on April 17.

Christ's business, CannabisCare, links would-be patients with doctors who can provide recommendations for medical marijuana cards, either at traveling clinics or online teleclinics. The Montana Board of Medical Examiners has forbidden teleclinics, but the CannabisCare website continues to advertise them.


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