Local Bowling Report: Hi-Line Lanes forming Junior/Adult League


Starting on Jan. 12 running to March 15 a short season (10 weeks) Junior-Adult league will be forming. This is an opportunity for parents and children to bond in the game of bowling. This will be a no-tap non-sanctioned league with only two required for a team. There is a sign-up sheet at the desk or call 265-5885. Bowling will be either Monday or Thursday evening which will be decided at the sign-up starting at 7.p.m.

TOURNEY TRAIL: The P.B.A. kicked off its season Sunday, Dec. 4th. It is now known as the World Series of Bowling. Both men and women compete in their own divisions. They will be traveling throughout the World competing with each other. It is the answer I think to keep Professional Bowling as a sport for men and women who are devoted to keep it alive. On Sunday in the Men's division Jason "Belmo" (as he is called by his peers" Belmonte vs. Sean Rash, Rash defeated Belmo 214 to 204, then moved on to bowl the bowler of the Year, Mike Koivuniemi. He tasted defeat by Mika 224 to 237, thus Mike becoming the 1st champ in this new format. For the women it was the same format with match one watching two ladies from Sweden, Sandra Andersson defeating Nina Flack 190 to 160, then taking on the ageless and legend Carolyn Dorin Ballard from the U.S.A. with Ballard defeating Andersson easily 162 to 207 for the inaugural event for the women. Next Sunday's show will also be televised on ESPN at 11 a.m. Mountain Standard Time.

The U.S.B.C. entry blanks have arrived for the 2012 State Tournament for the men, women, and youth. They may be picked up at the lanes.

TIP OF THE WEEK: In the next couple of weeks we will be discussing different grips. The most popular grip used by Professionals is the Standard fingertip. The arch of both fingers is at approximately 45 degrees. When using this grip both fingers are inserted into the first crease and the webbing of the thumb is contoured to the shape of the ball. This is a easy grip to control for making adjustments and changes to ball roll and offers less wear and tear on the hand.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: G. Hoffman 201, 535; K. Surber 257, 664; The Ultras 876; Buy 3 Get 1 Free 2526. L. Fitzpatrick 515, B. Moore 243. 1st place tie The Ultras and Midtown Car Care.

MONDAY STRAIGHTAWAY MIXED: D. Seidel 178, 674; K. Surber 237, 834; Super 8,643, 2,335. A. Brug 802. SPLITS: J. Lynnes 6-7-10; 6-7-9-10. 1st Minnow's Marina.

WOMEN CITY: M. Munson 212, T. Wright 212, 571; Tilleman Motors 836, 2,357. M. Pizzini 509. SPLITS: P. Ehlert 5-7, L. Ophus 5-10, K. Shettel 4-5, P. Nault 5-10. 1st Tilleman Motor, 2nd Mariani Insurance, 3rd Lucky Strike Casino.

MENS CITY: D. Hassa 258, 640; K. Surber 654; Bru's Pro Shop 1,129, 3,291. 600's: J. Shulund 223, 636; M. Purkett 238; R. Hamilton 607; R. Mapes 239, 632. 1st Havre Ford, 2nd Diversified Surveying.

THURSDAY MORNING: J. Mayer 220, 540; Raymond James 600, 1,660. J. Rodgers 210, 531; M. Pizzini 194, 505. SPLITS: I. Cantin 5-8-10. 1st Barkus Home Center.

THURSDAY MIXERS: L. Fitzpatrick 192, 482; J. McDonald 225, 589; 3 Engine 470, 1,245. 1st place tie Rod's Drive Inn and Watson Trucking.

HIGHS FOR THE WEEK: Jackie Mayer 220, Terry Wright 571; David Hassa 258, Kyle Surber 664.

YOUTH BOWLING: BANTAM: Magnus Steckel 52; C. Dahl 100; E. Moore 67, 129; Wee's 600, 1,178. PREPS: C. Allestad 142, 342; Q. McDonald 113, 294; Fireballs 655, 1,806. JR.-MAJOR: M. Morrell 171, 388; J. McDonald 157, 414; RML 629, 1772.


MONDAY MIXED: L. Hybner 209, 532; L. Wendland 217, 564; Bobcats 858, 2,375.

TUESDAY HDCP: D. Kline 252; T. Langel 606; Donoven Spreading 850; Grand Bar 2,458.


200's, 500's, 600's: T. Hybner 200, 526; D. Kline 252, 604; L. Hybner 209, 532; L. Wendland 217, 564, 521; G. Spinler 233, 595; D. Ditmar 221, 563; T. Langel 213, 606; R. Shepherd 212, 511, 551; R. Melby 205; G. Standiford 550; C. Pappas 560. SPLITS: S. Kline 5-7, 3-10; M. Spinler 5-10, 4-5-7; L. Fosster 3-10; D. Ditmar 5-7, 1-2-10; M. Stressel 5-7.

HIGHS FOR THE WEEK: L. Hybner 209, 532; D. Kline252; T. Langel 606.


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