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Efforts urged to avoid scams

As the world gets smaller and it gets easier for people to communicate, it also becomes easier for the more malignant to try and take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

This combined with international economic hardship leaves a window open for scammers to ensare people in deals that may appeal but end up causing great deals of trouble.

A few scams, in which a 1-800 number is provided to people with a promise of easy money and approved loans, have popped up on the Hi-Line recently.

While Hill County Sheriff Don Brostrom has not heard of anyone being tricked by these scams so far, he said a good rule to keep things that way is "the old adage, if it sounds or looks too good to be true, it probably is. "

He also recommends anyone thinking about responding to such offers first "talk to a recognized financial advisor, talk to one of the bankers in town. "

The Better Business Bureau has set up a website at where people can submit scams they've run into or check on scams that other people have reported.


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