By Tristan 

Dogs should stay home for big events



Special thanks goes out to the Woodwick family for another awesome Fourth of July picnic with perfect weather and food, friends and family. However, people can be slightly disengaged when a celebration takes place: Your dog does not belong in a city park — at all and when people of all ages and food are together.

Why do people bring their pets to a gathering? They're not happy. It's hot and noisy. I witnessed a possible tragedy in the making that day.

I took my small 2 1/2-year-old grandson to his first picnic. There were so many dogs brought — some were on leashes, some were not. One dog was out of control and if it had gotten away from the owner who did not have good control of the animal, who knows what child or slow-moving senior could have been hurt. People, we have dog ordinances: no dogs in parks. Leave them at home. I do not want to walk in dog doo-doo or get bitten.

By the way, the fair is coming; leave your dogs at home. I have a dog and she was safe at home.

Kim Cripps



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