By Tristan 

Darts and Laurels


Laurel — The voter turnout in Havre's municipal elections this week was outstanding. Even in wards where there were not contests, people cast ballots in large numbers. This speaks highly of the city's mail-in ballot system. And it speaks highly of the electorate that takes its civic responsibility seriously. More than 61 percent of the active voters took part. Maybe the election was closely watched after all.

Dart — A Havre man was arrested this week for his 11th driving under the influence charge. If he is convicted, he certainly deserves a dart. But in any case, lots of us, the Legislature, the public and the whole Montana drinking culture deserved a dart for letting the this guy drive. New laws are beginning to crack down on multiple drunken drivers. That's great, but it will be too late to prevent many tragedies.

Laurel — North Star Elementary students are raising money and food to donate to the Havre Food Bank, and Pizza Hut is making donations to the food bank for customers who bring food to the restaurant every Tuesday. Lots of community groups are doing their best to help the food bank, which is facing difficulties since need is up and federal support is down.

Laurel — An interesting array of candidates have been in Havre this week to be interviewed for the open chancellor position at Montana State University-Northern. The search has been conducted professionally. The candidates thus far have been impressive.


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