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By Tristan 

Class B-C State Wrestling: Harlem starts off strong


The Harlem Wildcats have five of their nine wrestlers left after the first day of the Class B-C state wrestling tournament in Hamilton. But all five Harlem grapplers are unbeaten and in the semfinals. Harlem goes into Saturday morning's round at the B-C tournament sitting in sixth place overall with 58 points, but the Wildcats have Shay Snider (98), teague Jones (105), Colten Dirden (135), Chris Schupe (140) and Trent Jones (171) all still gunning for individual state championships.

As expected, Forsyth is the overall leader on day one with 90.5 points. Thre-time defending champion Glasgow is in second with 80 points, while Choteau sits in third with 78.5.

Meanwhile, Chinook is still on track to win the Class C-only trophy, but the Beeters are back in the pack overall, Chinook scored 38 points on Friday and sits in 12th place overall. The Beeters have five wrestlers left in the tournament, with Ben Stroh (189) and Jorrell Jones (215) leading the way into the semifinals.

Chester/J-I has three wrestlers till in the tournament as Erik Kelly, Leonard Pugsley and Ethan Wolery all went 2-1 on Friday. The Hawks scored 21 points and sit in 23rd place overall.

The B-C state tournament resumes at 9 a.m. on saturday and will conclude with the finals starting at 4 p.m. in Hamilton.


at Hamilton

Team scores

(through 4 of 9 rounds)

Forsyth 90.5, Glasgow 80, Choteau/Augusta 78.5, Colstrip 71, Townsend 63, Harlem 58.5, Cascade-Simms 54, Florence-Carlton 50, Conrad 41.5, Darby 40.5, Cut Bank 39.5, Chinook 38, Eureka 35, Fairfield/Power 33, Thompson Falls 30, St. Ignatius/Charlo 27, Malta 26.5, Drummond/Philipsburg 25, Noxon 24, Arlee 24, Baker 23, Jefferson 23, Chester-Joplin-Inverness 21, Superior 19.5, Deer Lodge 18, Fort Benton 15, Circle 10, Belt 8.5, Columbus-Absarokee 8, Wolf Point 8, Huntley Project 7.5, Plains/Hot Springs 7, Poplar 7, Shepherd 7, Whitehall 7, Shelby 3, Big Sandy 0, Broadus 0.

First round

98 - Wade Gascon, T. Falls, pinned Alex Johnson, Whitehall, :34; Gage Currier, Colstrip, pinned Robert Rhodes, Fairfield, 1:31; Gabe Nelson, Forsyth, pinned Cache Giles, Fairfield, 1:42; Shay Snider, Harlem, pinned Peter Vickers, T.Falls, 1:42; Cody Humphrey, Boulder, pinned Jake Reinschmidt, Whitehall, 1:27; Morgan Koenig, Conrad, won by forfeit over Anthony Parkin, Superior; Henry Ramirez, Malta, pinned Tanner Jensen, Drummond, 4:32; Maestro Martinez, Wolf Point, dec. Jace Rogers, Cascade, 5-1.

105 - River Sides, Superior, dec. Gus Taylor, Harlem, 6-4; Steven Were, Choteau, dec. Frank Helland, Glasgow, 6-1; Logan Domino, Townsend, pinned James Wall, Belt, :49; Teague Jones, Harlem, pinned Jake Logan, Deer Lodge, 1:14; Clancy Ludvigson, Cascade, won by forfeit over Ryan Tuthill, Whitehall; Kylan Berkram, Cut Bank, pinned Dillon Edwards, St. Ignatius, 1:09; Joe Rappold, Malta, pinned Tyler Addy, T. Falls, 1:44; Taylor Ramsey, Colstrip, pinned Levi Yerkich, Columbus, 1:13.

112 - Nikko Bakkila, Eureka, pinned Geoff Qualls, Chinook, 2:37; Jacob Bethea, Glasgow, pinned Justin Hanson, Fairfield, 1:00; Josh Mann, Colstrip, pinned Jake Hall, Columbus, 1:39; Luke Schlosser, Conrad, pinned Rod Carew, T. Falls, :48; Drew Floerchinger, Cascade, pinned Nick Pulver, Forsyth, 1:28; Travis Vermulm, Cut Bank, pinned Kenny Roxbury, T. Falls, 2:51; Rabe Whitford, Cut Bank, pinned Matt Campbell, Superior, 4:38; Chris Nile, Forsyth, pinned Isaiah Walston, Columbus, :29.

119 - Kody Davidson, Florence, pinned Ariel Wagoner, Colstrip, 3:35; Logan Schwope, Townsend, M-dec. Kevin Frigon, Glasgow, 15-3; Braden Hallock, Glasgow, pinned Riley DeBruycker, Fort Benton, 1:52; Chris Doney, Malta won by forfeit over JT Hamblen, Darby; Jade Rauser, Townsend, pinned Rico Stormer, Circle, :45; Garrett Moritz, Conrad, pinned Trent Vaughn, Eureka, :52; John Gunderson, T. Falls, pinned Angelo Flores, Chinook, 1:21; Kris Whitish, Cascade, tech fall Seth Currier, Colstrip, 18-3.

125 - Caleb Caicedo, Darby, M-Dec Jake Adler, Drummond, 10-2; Trey McDaniel, Forsyth, pinned Christian Smith, Cascade, 3:07; Tanner Johnson, Townsend, pinned Jonny Wiseman, Baker, 3:34; Tanner Lund, Florence, M-Dec Landen Shettel, Malta, 11-3; Caylor Jacobsen, Fairfield, pinned Ty Aukshun, Huntley Project, 4:44; Nolan Simanton, Malta, pinned Austin Rubel, Arlee, 4:53; Kenneth Beech, Plains, pinned Kole Ayre, Colstrip, 2:42; Taylor French, Forsyth, pinned Perry Woodland, Cascade, 1:54,

130 - Tanner Evers, Darby, pinned Bucky Finley, Cascade, 1:09; Flynn Stormer, Circle, pinned Wyatt Brandal, Chinook, 2:57; Jared Rodgers, Glasgow, won by forfeit over Kasey Martin, Big Sandy; Val Rauser, Townsend, pinned Cameron Dominick, Arlee, :44; Brandon Weber, Forsyth, Pinned Brandon Tuma, Malta, :38; Nick Keen, Cascade, Pinned Dustin Morigeau, Deer Lodge, 4:52; Scotty Gilleard, St. Ignatius, M-Dec Hunter Croff, Belt, 17-6; Travis Koenig, Baker, M-Dec Neil Johnson, Cut Bank, 16-2.

135 - Christian Hammersmith, Darby, Pinned Eli Folda Fairfield, 2:31; Colt Harris, Conrad, Pinned Ethan Taylor, Baker, 1:59; Garretti Rath, Forsyth, Pinned Robert Jennings, Cut Bank, :34; Drake Lorance, Cascade, M-Dec Cole Goodwin Plains, 15-3; Luke Zieger, Glasgow, Pinned Dusty Gasvoda, Big Sandy, :51;Dan Taron, Superior, Pinned Levi Nelson, Cascade, 4:30; Cody Lund, Florence, Dec Kyle Forbes, Whitehall, 12-7; Colton Dirden, Harlem, Pinned Danny Whitedirt, Colstrip, 1:29.

140 - Dalton Roundy, Darby, Tech fall Boone Helm, Townsend, 18-1; Erik Kelly, CJI, Pinned Cody Beyers, Baker, 1:47; Ben Kountz, Glasgow, Pinned Brandon French, Conrad, 3:44; Jesse Werdal, Choteau, Pinned Nathan Bertoll, Arlee, 5:27; Dallen Brauer, Forsyth, Pinned Kolby Chisholm, Plains, :35; Layne Durfee, Choteau, Dec Cody Davis, Drummond, 10-7; Zach Tameler, Arlee, Pinned Dustin Stengrimson, Fairfield, 1:08; Chris Shupe, Harlem, Tech fall Branden Carpenter, Shepherd, 15-0.

145 - Cole Rice, Arlee, Pinned Alex Roberts, Townsend, :21; Travis Austin, Glasgow, won by forfeit over Ryan Miller, Big Sandy; Austyn Skogas, Shepherd, Pinned Nate Carlson, Malta, 4:47; Lathan Crossland, Cascade, Tech fall Colton Toren, St. Ignatius, 17-2; Mason Melby, Baker, Pinned Graeme Giblette, Malta, :24; Tony Lightner, Choteau, Dec Josh Wright, Superior, 9-7 (OT); Bobby Ray, Deer Lodge, Pinned Joel Graf, Fairfield, 5:12; Leonard Pugsley, CJI, Pinned Garrett Pronto, Wolf Point, 2:12.

152 - Jacen Petersen, St. Ignatius, M-Dec Matt McKenzie, Choteau, 12-2; Buster Pickett, Baker, Pinned Noah Harms, Malta, 5:43; Ryan Bergtoll, Glasgow, won by forfeit over Lane Martin, Big Sandy; Shay Christiansen, Townsend, Pinned Curtis McDuffie, Eureka, 1:19; Daryl Fulton, Forsyth, won by forfeit over Colter Knox, Conrad; Michael Moore, Choteau, won by forfeit over Leif Rova, Arlee; Zach Newbary, Florence, Pinned Anders Andreasen, Fort Benton, 1:06; Johnny Schlosser, Conrad, Tech fall Tim Kuehn, Shepherd, 16-0.

160 - Barrett Stanghill, Drummond, Pinned Calen Carpenter, Shepherd, 2:34; Justin Smith, Cascade, Pinned Keane Stewart, Shelby, 1:35; Buddy Warren, Boulder, Pinned Ryan Orcutt, Conrad, 3:18; Tucker Holstein, Glasgow, Pinned Kolter Beneitone, Florence, 5:03; Jake French, Choteau, won by forfeit over Westin Brown, Big Sandy; Shawn Sacchi, T. Falls, Pinned Tanner Yates, Colstrip, 1:51; Kyle Fulton, Forsyth, Pinned Albert Plant, Arlee, 2:39; Ryan Smith, Malta, Dec Cole Werdal, Choteau, 11-7.

171 - Taylor Vaughn, Eureka, Pinned Matt Welch, Shepherd, 3:20; Song Stuker, Harlem, Dec Forrest Croff, Belt, 10-9; Robby Klingaman, Chinook, Pinned Chauncei Saunders, Townsend, 3:46; Freeman Kluver, Colstrip, Dec Clayton Trimble, Arlee, 15-9; Adam DeBruycker, Choteau, Pinned Tyler Nelson, Conrad, :40; Tanner Cobbs, Florence, Pinned Frank Marcy, Forsyth, 1:29; Sam Smith, Glasgow, Dec David Wilson, Eureka, 7-5; Trent Jones, Harlem, Pinned Greg Hinojosa, Choteau, 2:41.

189 - Adam Moore, Noxon, Pinned Josh Flaten, Wolf Point, :12; Cord Anderson, Chinook, Dec Taylor Buck, Choteau, 5-4; Lucas Schultz, Conrad, Pinned Austin Reichelt, Fort Benton, 3:08; Ryan Parker, Drummond, Pinned Cody Lawson, Forsyth, 5:57; Owen DeBruycker, Choteau, Pinned Seth Adams, Harlem, 2:58; Josh Marquardt, Florence, Pinned David Hopson, Wolf Point, 1:08; Michael Wilson, Eureka, Dec Kendall Shaules, Huntley Project, 11-9 (OT); Benjamin Stroh, Chinook, Pinned Dylan Reed, Fairfield, :28.

215 - KC Sutton Florence-Carlton Pinned Killian Gregg Glasgow, 3:06; Rob Smartnick Jefferson (Boulder) Pinned Thomas LameBull Harlem, 1:13; Jorrell Jones Chinook Pinned Drew Irvine Belt, :47; Damus Ard Huntley Project Dec Chadd Anderson St. Ignatius/Charlo, 6-4; Jack Clark Choteau / Augusta Pinned Justin Ratzburg Conrad, :26; Lane Knows His Gun Colstrip Pinned Colin Gillard Lincoln Co. (Eureka), 3:01; Austin Burshia Poplar Pinned Curt Seidel Arlee, 4:41; Brock Calvi Cut Bank Pinned Roman Schumacher Fort Benton, 1:05.

Hwt - Cody Martens, Noxon, Pinned Maverick Quiroz, Broadus, 3:25; Clancy Spurlock, Townsend, Dec Cody Nelson, Shelby, 8-3; Matt Ortega, Fairfield, Pinned Shalon Norick, CJI, :50; Chaz Hopstad, Glasgow, Pinned Taylor Scott, Noxon, 2:39; Blake Ereaux, Fort Benton, Pinned Henry Oyler, Malta, 1:31; Tucker Yates, Colstrip, Pinned Nick Adler, T. Falls, 3:40; Ryan Hensleigh, Colstrip, Pinned Damon Ward, Florence, 2:33; Ethan Wolery, CJI, Pinned Eddy Ferguson, Cascade, :55.


98 - Gage Currier, Colstrip, Pinned Wade Gascon, T. Falls, 3:34; Shay Snider, Harlem, Pinned Gabe Nelson, Forsyth, :54; Cody Humphrey, Boulder, Pinned Morgan Koenig, Conrad, 3:16; Maestro Martinez, Wolf Point, Dec Henry Ramirez, Malta, 13-11.

105 - River Sides, Superior, Tech fall Steven Were, Choteau, 15-0; Teague Jones, Harlem, Pinned Logan Domino, Townsend, :34; Kylan Berkram, Cut Bank, Pinned Clancy Ludvigson, Cascade, 1:25; Taylor Ramsey, Colstrip, Pinned Joe Rappold, Malta, 2:45.

112 - Jacob Bethea, Glasgow, Pinned Nikko Bakkila, Eureka, 1:18; Luke Schlosser, Conrad, Dec Josh Mann, Colstrip, 7-0; Travis Vermulm, Cut Bank, Tech fall Drew Floerchinger, Cascade, 15-0; Chris Nile, Forsyth, Pinned Rabe Whitford, 1:33.

119 - Logan Schwope, Townsend, Dec Kody Davidson, Florence, 12-7; Braden Hallock, Glasgow, Pinned Chris Doney, Malta, 2:20; Jade Rauser, Townsend, Pinned Garrett Moritz, Conrad, :26; Kris Whitish, Cascade, Pinned John Gunderson, T. Falls, 5:51.

125 - Caleb Caicedo, Darby, Pinned Trey McDaniel, Forsyth, 3:59; Tanner Lund, Florence, Dec Tanner Johnson, Townsend, 5-4; Caylor Jacobsen, Fairfield, Dec Nolan Simanton, Malta, 10-6; Taylor French, Forsyth, Tech fall Pinned Kenneth Beech Plains, 15-0.

130 - Tanner Evers, Darby, Pinned Flynn Stormer, Circle, :23; Val Rauser, Townsend, Pinned Jared Rodgers, Glasgow, 1:21; Brandon Weber, Forsyth, Pinned Nick Keen, Cascade, 3:23; Scotty Gilleard, St. Ignatius, Dec Travis Koenig, Baker, 7-4.

135 - Christian Hammersmith, Darby, Dec Colt Harris, Conrad, 20-15; Garretti Rath, Forsyth, Pinned Drake Lorance, Cascade, 2:18; Luke Zieger, Glasgow, Pinned Dan Taron, Superior, :51; Colton Dirden, Harlem, Pinned Cody Lund, Florence, 3:31.

140 - Dalton Roundy, Darby, Pinned Erik Kelly, CJI, 1:02; Jesse Werdal, Choteau, Pinned Ben Kountz, Glasgow, 1:22; Dallen Brauer, Forsyth, Pinned Layne Durfee, Choteau, 1:03; Chris Shupe, Harlem, Pinned Zach Tameler, Arlee, 4:21.

145 - Cole Rice, Arlee, Pinned Travis Austin, Glasgow, :42; Lathan Crossland, Cascade, Pinned Austyn Skogas, Shepherd, 2:15; Tony Lightner, Choteau, Pinned Mason Melby, Baker, 3:59; Bobby Ray, Deer Lodge, Dec Leonard Pugsley, CJI, 5-1.

152 - Jacen Petersen, St. Ignatius, Pinned Buster Pickett, Baker, 3:27; Shay Christiansen, Townsend, Pinned Ryan Bergtoll, Glasgow, 3:23; Daryl Fulton, Forsyth, M-Dec Michael Moore, Choteau, 11-1; Johnny Schlosser, Conrad, Dec Zach Newbary, Florence, 4-2.

160 - Barrett Stanghill, Drummond, Dec Justin Smith, Cascade, 7-3; Tucker Holstein, Glasgow, pinned Buddy Warren, Boulder, 1:04; Jake French, Choteau Dec Shawn Sacchi, Thompson Falls, 4-0; Ryan Smith, Malta, Dec Kyle Fulton, Forsyth, 3-2

171 - Taylor Vaughn, Eureka, pinned Song Stuker, Harlem, :46; Freeman Kluver, Colstrip, Dec Robby Klingaman, Chinook, 8-5; Adam DeBruycker, Choteau, pinned Tanner Cobbs, Florence, 3:27; Trent Jones, Harlem, pinned Sam Smith, Glasgow, 4:33.

189 - Adam Moore, Noxon, Dec Cord Anderson, Chinook, 3-0; Lucas Schultz, Conrad, pinned Ryan Parker, Drummond, 1:02; Owen DeBruycker, Choteau, Dec Josh Marquardt, Florence, 5-3; Benjamin Stroh, Chinook, pinned Michael Wilson, Eureka, 1:00.

215 - KC Sutton, Florence, M-Dec Rob Smartnick, Boulder, 19-5; Jorrell Jones, Chinook, pinned Damus Ard, Huntley Project, 3:24; Jack Clark, Choteau, Dec Lane Knows His Gun, Colstrip, 10-3; Brock Calvi, Cut Bank, pinned Austin Burshia, Poplar, :31.

Hwt - Cody Martens, Noxon, Dec Clancy Spurlock, Townsend, 6-0; Chaz Hopstad, Glasgow, pinned Matt Ortega, Fairfield, 3:12; Tucker Yates, Colstrip, pinned Blake Ereaux, Fort Benton, 5:16; Ryan Hensleigh, Colstrip, pinned Ethan Wolery, CJI, 3:03.

First round consolation

98 - Robert Rhodes, Fairfield/Power Fall Alex Johnson, Whitehall, :50; Cache Giles, Fairfield/Power Fall Peter Vickers, Thompson Falls, :32; Jake Reinschmidt, Whitehall Forf Anthony Parkin, Superior; Tanner Jensen, Drummond/Granite Fall Jace Rogers, Cascade/Simms, 2:51

105 - Gus Taylor, Harlem Dec Frank Helland, Glasgow, 6-1; Jake Logan, Powell Co. (Deer Lodge) Fall James Wall, Belt, 1:51; Dillon Edwards, St. Ignatius/Charlo Forf Ryan Tuthill, Whitehall; Tyler Addy, Thompson Falls Fall Levi Yerkich, Columbus/Absarokee, :45

112 - Geoff Qualls, Chinook Fall Justin Hanson, Fairfield/Power, 1:54; Jake Hall, Columbus/Absarokee M-Dec Rod Carew, Thompson Falls, 15-2; Nick Pulver, Forsyth Fall Kenny Roxbury, Thompson Falls, 1:43; Isaiah Walston, Columbus/Absarokee Fall Matt Campbell, Superior, 2:18.

119 - Kevin Frigon, Glasgow Fall Ariel Wagoner, Colstrip, 3:35; Riley DeBruycker, Fort Benton Forf JT Hamblen, Darby; Rico Stormer, Circle Fall Trent Vaughn, Lincoln Co. (Eureka), 2:20; Seth Currier, Colstrip Fall Angelo Flores, Chinook, 2:27.

125 - Christian Smith, Cascade/Simms Dec Jake Adler, Drummond/Granite, 3-2; Jonny Wiseman, Baker Dec Landen Shettel, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, 3-0; Ty Aukshun, Huntley Project Fall Austin Rubel, Arlee, 2:32; Perry Woodland, Cascade/Simms M-Dec Kole Ayre, Colstrip, 16-4.

130 - Wyatt Brandal, Chinook Fall Bucky Finley, Cascade/Simms, 4:10; Cameron Dominick, Arlee Forf Kasey Martin, Big Sandy; Dustin Morigeau, Powell Co. (Deer Lodge) Fall Brandon Tuma, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, :55; Neil Johnson, Cut Bank Dec Hunter Croff, Belt, 5-1.

135 - Ethan Taylor, Baker M-Dec Eli Folda, Fairfield/Power, 15-4; Robert Jennings, Cut Bank Dec Cole Goodwin, Plains/Hot Springs, 2-0; Levi Nelson, Cascade/Simms Dec Dusty Gasvoda, Big Sandy, 9-5; Kyle Forbes, Whitehall Fall Danny Whitedirt, Colstrip, 1:57.

140 - Boone Helm, Broadwater (Townsend) Fall Cody Beyers, Baker, 2:44; Nathan Bertollt, Arlee Fall Brandon French, Conrad, 4:24; Cody Davis, Drummond/Granite Fall Kolby Chisholm, Plains/Hot Springs, :44; Dustin Stengrimson, Fairfield/Power Fall Branden Carpenter, Shepherd, 2:47.

145 - Alex Roberts, Broadwater (Townsend) Forf Ryan Miller, Big Sandy; Colton Toren, St. Ignatius/Charlo Fall Nate Carlson, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, 2:13; Josh Wright, Superior Fall Graeme Giblette, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, :58; Joel Graf, Fairfield/Power Fall Garrett Pronto, Wolf Point, 1:22.

152 - Noah Harms, Malta/Saco/Whitewater T-Fall Matt McKenzie, Choteau / Augusta, 15-0; Curtis McDuffie, Lincoln Co. (Eureka) Forf Lane Martin, Big Sandy; Anders Andreasen, Fort Benton Fall Tim Kuehn, Shepherd, 2:14.

160 - Calen Carpenter, Shepherd Fall Keane Stewart, Shelby, 1:43; Kolter Beneitone, Florence-Carlton M-Dec Ryan Orcutt, Conrad, 16-3; Tanner Yates, Colstrip Forf Westin Brown, Big Sandy; Cole Werdal, Choteau / Augusta Fall Albert Plant, Arlee, 3:44.

171 - Forrest Croff, Belt Fall Matt Welch, Shepherd, 1:46; Chauncei Saunders, Broadwater (Townsend) Fall Clayton Trimble, Arlee, :48; Frank Marcy, Forsyth Fall Tyler Nelson, Conrad, 1:27; David Wilson, Lincoln Co. (Eureka) Fall Greg Hinojosa, Choteau / Augusta, 1:26.

189 - Taylor Buck, Choteau / Augusta Fall Josh Flaten, Wolf Point, 1:27; Austin Reichelt, Fort Benton Fall Cody Lawson, Forsyth, 4:51; David Hopson, Wolf Point Dec Seth Adams, Harlem, 6-0; Kendall Shaules, Huntley Project T-Fall Dylan Reed, Fairfield/Power, 23-8.

215 - Thomas LameBull, Harlem Dec Killian Gregg, Glasgow, 12-9; Drew Irvine, Belt Fall Chadd Anderson, St. Ignatius/Charlo, 2:42; Colin Gillard, Lincoln Co. (Eureka) Fall Justin Ratzburg, Conrad, :53; Curt Seidel, Arlee Fall Roman Schumacher, Fort Benton, 4:50.

Hwt - Cody Nelson, Shelby Fall Maverick Quiroz, Powder River Co. (Broadus), 2:14; Taylor Scott, Noxon Fall Shalon Norick, Chester/Joplin/Inverness, 1:32; Nick Adler, Thompson Falls Fall Henry Oyler, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, 2:10; Damon Ward, Florence-Carlton Fall Eddy Ferguson, Cascade/Simms, :55.

Second round consolation

98 - Robert Rhodes, Fairfield/Power M-Dec Henry Ramirez, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, 13-4; Morgan Koenig, Conrad Dec Cache Giles, Fairfield/Power, 6-5; Gabe Nelson, Forsyth Fall Jake Reinschmidt, Whitehall, :47; Wade Gascon, Thompson Falls Fall Tanner Jensen, Drummond/Granite, :43.

105 - Joe Rappold, Malta/Saco/Whitewater Dec Gus Taylor, Harlem, 11-7; Clancy Ludvigson, Cascade/Simms Fall Jake Logan, Powell Co. (Deer Lodge), 2:13; Dillon Edwards, St. Ignatius/Charlo Fall Logan Domino, Broadwater (Townsend), :15; Tyler Addy, Thompson Falls Fall Steven Werre, Choteau / Augusta, 2:50.

112 - Geoff Qualls, Chinook Dec Rabe Whitford, Cut Bank, 9-4; Jake Hall, Columbus/Absarokee Fall Drew Floerchinger, Cascade/Simms, 4:23; Josh Mann, Colstrip Fall Nick Pulver, Forsyth, 2:35; Nikko Bakkila, Lincoln Co. (Eureka) Fall Isaiah Walston, Columbus/Absarokee, :38.

119 - John Gunderson, Thompson Falls Fall Kevin Frigon, Glasgow, 1:19; Riley DeBruycker, Fort Benton M-Dec Garrett Moritz, Conrad, 14-2; Rico Stormer, Circle Fall Chris Doney, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, 2:49; Seth Currier, Colstrip Fall Kody Davidson, Florence-Carlton, 3:45.

125 - Kenneth Beech, Plains/Hot Springs Fall Christian Smith, Cascade/Simms, 3:28; Jonny Wiseman, Baker Dec Nolan Simanton, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, 7-1; Tanner Johnson, Broadwater (Townsend) Dec Ty Aukshun, Huntley Project, 5-3; Trey McDaniel, Forsyth M-Dec Perry Woodland, Cascade/Simms, 13-2.

130 - Travis Koenig, Baker T-Fall Wyatt Brandal, Chinook, 17-1; Nick Keen, Cascade/Simms Fall Cameron Dominick, Arlee, 2:23; Dustin Morigeau, Powell Co. (Deer Lodge) Fall Jared Rodgers, Glasgow, 4:45; Neil Johnson, Cut Bank Dec Flynn Stormer, Circle, 10-8.

135 - Cody Lund, Florence-Carlton Dec Ethan Taylor, Baker, 8-6; Dan Taron, Superior Fall Robert Jennings, Cut Bank, 1:41; Drake Lorance, Cascade/Simms Fall Levi Nelson, Cascade/Simms, 2:40; Kyle Forbes, Whitehall Dec Colt Harris, Conrad, 11-10.

140 - Boone Helm, Broadwater (Townsend) Fall Zach Tameler, Arlee, 3:11; Layne Durfee, Choteau / Augusta T-Fall Nathan Bertollt, Arlee, 17-0; Cody Davis, Drummond/Granite Fall Ben Kountz, Glasgow, 2:44; Erik Kelly, Chester/Joplin/Inverness Fall Dustin Stengrimson, Fairfield/Power, 1:45.

145 - Leonard Pugsley, Chester/Joplin/Inverness Fall Alex Roberts, Broadwater (Townsend), 1:55; Mason Melby, Baker T-Fall Colton Toren, St. Ignatius/Charlo, 17-1; Josh Wright, Superior Dec Austyn Skogas, Shepherd, 1-0; Joel Graf, Fairfield/Power Fall Travis Austin, Glasgow, 2:31.

152 - Zach Newbary, Florence-Carlton Dec Noah Harms, Malta/Saco/Whitewater, 4-1; Michael Moore, Choteau / Augusta Fall Curtis McDuffie, Lincoln Co. (Eureka), 2:57; Ryan Bergtoll, Glasgow Forf Curtis McDuffie, Forfeit; Buster Pickett, Baker Fall Anders Andreasen, Fort Benton, 4:00.

160 - Kyle Fulton, Forsyth Fall Calen Carpenter, Shepherd, :59; Shawn Sacchi, Thompson Falls Fall Kolter Beneitone, Florence-Carlton, 3:34; Buddy Warren, Jefferson (Boulder) Dec Tanner Yates, Colstrip, 7-3; Justin Smith, Cascade/Simms Dec Cole Werdal, Choteau / Augusta, 12-11.

171 - Sam Smith, Glasgow Dec Forrest Croff, Belt, 7-6; Tanner Cobbs, Florence-Carlton Fall Chauncei Saunders, Broadwater (Townsend), 2:06; Robby Klingaman, Chinook Dec Frank Marcy, Forsyth, 4-2; David Wilson, Lincoln Co. (Eureka) Fall Song Stuker, Harlem, 2:32.

189 - Taylor Buck, Choteau / Augusta Dec Michael Wilson, Lincoln Co. (Eureka), 8-4; Josh Marquardt, Florence-Carlton Dec Austin Reichelt, Fort Benton, 6-2; Ryan Parker, Drummond/Granite Fall David Hopson, Wolf Point, 3:45; Cord Anderson, Chinook M-Dec Kendall Shaules, Huntley Project, 10-0.

215 - Austin Burshia, Poplar Fall Thomas LameBull, Harlem, 1:56; Drew Irvine, Belt T-Fall Lane Knows His Gun, Colstrip, 21-6; Colin Gillard, Lincoln Co. (Eureka) Fall Damus Ard, Huntley Project, 1:41; Rob Smartnick, Jefferson (Boulder) Fall Curt Seidel, Arlee, 2:23.

Hwt - Ethan Wolery, Chester/Joplin/Inverness Fall Cody Nelson, Shelby, 2:08; Taylor Scott, Noxon Forf Blake Ereaux, Fort Benton; Matt Ortega, Fairfield/Power Fall Nick Adler, Thompson Falls, 2:50; Damon Ward, Florence-Carlton Fall Clancy Spurlock, Broadwater (Townsend), 2:56.


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