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By Tim Leeds 

Beaver Creek Park repairs in full swing


The Beaver Creek Park superintendent told the Hill County Park Board Monday that he and his crews have been working nonstop to get the park in shape, working on damage from both last year's flooding and new damage from this year.

"It has been a busy month, " Superintendent Chad Edgar said.

One of the topics at the monthly meeting of the board was some new damage that occurred last month. Saturated soil in Swamp Coulee sank down, destroying a road and moving an outhouse and fence, although it did not damage the two cabins in the coulee.

Although they were not damaged, the loss of the road isolated the cabins.

"It is amazing when you see the whole thing from the highway, " board Chair Steve Mariani said. "It is big and nasty. "

Edgar said he would look at listing the damage with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in its assessment of projects for the 2011 flooding.

Board member Robbie Lucke suggested that, rather than rebuilding the road where the slide occurred this year, it might be better to build a new road on the hillside to access the cabins — which also could be done much more quickly than reshaping the coulee floor and creating a road there.

"It never was much of a road, " he said, adding, "Then we just have to figure out how to get the outhouse back. "

Edgar said his crews have been working steadily on repairing damage, as well as keeping up on standard maintenance on the park.

"Our crew has been working really good, " he said. "I'm just really pleased with this crew. "

Mariani suggested the park crew also send a formal "thank you" notice to the Hill County Road and Bridge Department, which has been helping rebuild and repair the roads in the park.

Edgar said he is working on preparing what projects to submit to FEMA to seek federal assistance.

He told Tony Dolphay of the Lions Club that the club members need to be sure to document any work done and equipment used in work done on their campground, as should every organization working on the park.

That in-kind labor and equipment usage can be used for the county's match in funding requirements.

Edgar said some of the damage is on top of damage that occurred last year, and he will try to document the additional damage to try to get more repairs done, putting in more gravel and so on.

He said one major problem is in Firemans Campground — the creek cut a new channel and destroyed a road, he said. Getting that campground back in operation will be a major project.

"That is a big one in my mind, " Edgar said.


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