Don't widen gap between rich and poor


Don't widen chasm between rich, poor


If you are concerned about our country's future, act now. By Nov. 23, Sen. Max Baucus and the other 11 members of the supercommittee must submit their proposals for reducing by $1.5 trillion the federal deficit.

On the table for cuts is all that we love — national parks, schools, public safety and roads, libraries — and all the government programs that protect our most vulnerable neighbors — Medicaid, SSI, Meals on Wheels, subsidized housing. The result of cuts to our safety-net programs would be millions more of our neighbors becoming homeless and underfed, including veterans, children and people with disabilities. Think of my friend who cannot work because of a brain injury. She and her two children survive with the help of many government-supported programs — housing, Medicaid, SSI, Head Start.

Let's encourage Sen. Baucus to insist that any deal include meaningful increases in revenue, not just cuts to programs.

How about raising revenue by requiring Social Security taxes on all wages, even those over $106,800? None of us want to see the chasm between rich and poor widen as a result of the tough decisions that must be made in Washington. You and I can't afford to do nothing — there's too much at stake.

Amy E. Hall



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