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Havre finishes strong in Missoula

With the Class A duals and post season looming just around the corner, the Havre High wrestling team continues to grow stronger.

Friday and Saturday the Central A Blue Ponies were in Missoula for the 34th annual Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic. And after moving into the No. 7 spot on Friday, the Ponies finished the tournament as the No. 8 team on Saturday with 126.5 points.

And though every team present would have liked to grab the No. 1 spot, the Ponies were satisfied with where they finished up.

"After you acknowledge you aren't going to be the top dog," Havre High head coach Scott Filius said. "You would still like to be the top dog in the Class A and we were. We were really trying to keep up with Great Falls and they got us by half a point, but that made it fun there at the end."

Great Falls High edged out the Ponies with 127 points.

And the other Class A schools in attendance were Lewistown (107), Polson (94.5), Corvallis (94), Frenchtown (86), Ronan (66.5), Columbia Falls (54), Libby (47) and Hamilton (29).

Duell Stadel (119) and Eli Hinebauch (145) claimed the only two championships for the Ponies. Stadel earned a 6-0 decision over Colton Orrino of Central Valley. And Hinebauch earned his No. 1 finish after a 3-2 decision over Lewistowns's Rex martin.

For Hinebauch, this was his third No. 1 finish in Missoula. And for Stadel, he has made the championship round three times and has won it twice. The tournament is considered by many as one of the best in the Northwest each year because of the presence powerhouse programs from Spokane and Idaho.

"This is a great tournament for us," Filius said. "And that's a fun tournament for our top end kids, they have done real well there."

Four Ponies also made the fifth and sixth place matches as well.

Gilbert Bara (112) earned an 8-6 decision over Bozeman's Seth James for fifth, while Zack Smith (130) also grabbed fifth place with a 5-2 decision over Bozeman's Markus Kolp. Dillon Seely finished sixth after losing an 8-6 decision, and Josh Salapich (215) finished sixth after losing a 7-1 decision. Smith and Salapich wrestled extremely well on Friday reaching the semifinal round.

HHS lost some points with Casey Schaub (171) still out with injury as well as being open at 98 and 140. But some of the HHS freshman also stepped up and had a good weekend.

Jake Williams (160), Tyler Adams (189) and Thomas Gruber (125) all performed very well over the weekend. And though they didn't place, Filius was still pleased with their efforts. Williams finished 1-2, while Adams and Gruber both finished with a 3-2 record.

"I am real pleased with our young kids," Filius said. "The kids who got beat out or maybe weren't expected to go real far, those were the kids that showed great improvement. They are getting to be a tough match. Instead of drawing a kid and saying 'oh this kid is a junior and better than me' or 'this kid beat me last time' and accepting it, they are forcing kids to beat them. That's what you gotta' get, to be a tough out."

Keeping with the toughness of the Blue Ponies schedule, the Ponies will prepare for another tough outing. This Friday and Saturday they travel to Belgrade for the Class A duals.

Rocky Mountain Classic

Team scores

No. 1 University High 210. 5; No. 2 Coeur d'Alene 166; No. 3 Central Valley 163; No. 4 Bozeman 140.5No. 5 Kalispell Glacier 140; No. 6 Mead 134; No. 7 Great Falls High 127; No. 8 Havre 126.5; No. 9 Kalispell Flathead 121.5; No. 10 Missoula Sentinel 117.5; No. 11 Lewistown 107; No. 12 Polson 94.5; No. 13 Corvallis 94; No. 14 Frenchtown 86; No. 15 Ronan 66.5; No. 16 Butte 63; No. 17 Missoula Big Sky 62; No. 18 Lake City 60; No. 19 Clarkston 56; No. 20 Columbia Falls 54; No. 21 West Valley 53; No. 22 Libby 47; No. 23 Ferris 39; No. 24 Great Falls CMR 31.5; No. 25 Hamilton 29; No. 30 Missoula Hellgate 29; No. 31 Superior 6.


98 — Dylan Schulte, Sent, dec. Christian Knopp, Gla, 6-4 (OT).

105 — Kaleb Mitchell, Gla, dec. Josh Smart, GFH, 7-0.

112 — Tyler Clark, UHi, dec. Levi Gingerich, Cor, 10-3.

119 — Duell Stadel, Hav, dec. Colton Orrino, CV, 6-0.

125 — Jarod Maynes, CV, dec. Ryan Gabel, UHi, 9-2.

130 — Cole Mendenhall, GFH, tech fall Zach Westre, Ftn, 23-5 (6:00).

135 — Jeremy Golding, Md, m. dec. Travis Davis, Cor, 12-1.

140 — Kyle Leir, Lib, dec. Kenny Staub, CDA, 9-4.

145 — Eli Hinebauch, Hav, dec. Rex Martin, Lew, 3-2.

152 — Brad Nordahl, Ftn, dec. Josh Seeberger, 6-4 (OT).

160 — Connor Malone, Lew, dec. Larry Francis, Fla, 8-1.

171 — Jordan Rogers, Md, pinned Jacob Fry, UHi, :44.

189 — Toby Cheff, Ron, m. dec. Dustin Johnson, UHi, 9-1.

215 — Jake Laden, UHi, dec. Thomas Tucker, CDA, 5-1.

Hwt — Connor Thomas, Fla, m. dec. Dan Shoultz, CV, 16-7.

Third place

98 — Vito Degidio, Boz, dec. Kwest Osborn, UHi, 6-0. 105 — Zak Harney, But, m. dec. Levi Parsley, WV, 10-1; 112 — Craig Feistner, Pol, dec. Alek Mitchell, Gla, 7-2; 119 — Brandon Matlock, UHi, dec. Austin Shupe, GFH, 5-0. 125 — Culley Buckley, Boz, pinned Justin Whitman, CF, 2:39. 130 — Brenton Beard, CV, dec. Kyle Siegwarth, CDA, 3-2; 135 — Jake Young, Pol, dec. Riley Berry, Boz, 7-2; 140 — Devan Williams, Cor, dec. Jim Malone, Lew, 9-5; 145 — Chandler Rogers, Md, dec. Dylan Mendenhall, GFH, 1-0; 152 — Jake Hollenbeck, CV, dec. Shane St. Onge, Gla, 1-0; 160 — Johnny Peregrina, CDA, dec. Hunter Chandler, Boz, 6-2; 171 — Garrett Demers, CDA, dec. Chris Yocum, But, 8-3; 189 — Russell Stinson, Fer, dec. Caleb Davis, CDA, 3-2; 215 — Phil Selin, CMR, pinned Tyler Alsup, Sent, 1:36; Hwt — Josiah Clairmont, Pol, dec. Chad Sickles, BS, 11-4.

Fifth place

98 — Kenton Evans, GFH, won by inj. default over Justin Conklin, BS; 105 —AJ Konda, CDA, dec. Kyle Taylor, Boz, 5-2; 112 — Gilbert Bara, Hav, dec. Seth James, Boz, 8-6; 119 — Sal Baccaro, CF, won by forfeit over Brandon Edwards, Sent. 125 — Tre Yeager, Lew, won by default over Cody Tally, Fla; 130 — Zack Smith, Hav, dec. Markus Kolp, Boz, 5-2;135 — Braden Davis, CV, dec. Dillon Seely, Hav, 8-6; 140 — Cooper Sipe, Gla, tech fall Matt Fry, UHi, 17-0 (2:34); 145 — Riley Nagel, Cor, dec. Jeremiah Gaiser, Fla, 11-4; 152 — Steel Hahn, Fla, dec. Natty Lambert, Boz, 8-3; 160 — Dylan Berget, Lib, dec. Tyler Weaver, GFH; 171 — Cole McArthur, Ron, m. dec. Troy Capp, Ham, 11-0; 189 — Jacob Waller, Clk, dec. Calen Lambert, LC, 4-2; 215 — Marc Evans, Boz, dec. Josh Salapich, Hav, 7-1; Hwt — DeVante Wilson, Ftn, won by forfeit.

Friday's results

Team scores - University High (UHi) 111, Central Valley (CV) 100, Coeur d' Alene (CDA) 99, Mead (Md) 86, Kalispell Glacier (Gla) 80.5, Bozeman (Boz) 79.5, Kalispell Flathead (Fla) 79.5, Havre (Hav) 78.5, Missoula Sentinel (Sent) 69.5, Great Falls High (GFH) 63.5, Lewistown (Lew) 61, Corvallis (Cor) 58, Frenchtown (Ftn) 55, Polson (Pol) 50.5, Missoula Big Sky (BS) 45, Butte (But) 44, Lake City (LC) 43, Ronan (Ron) 38.5, Clarkston (Clk) 37, West Valley (WV) 37, Ferris (Fer) 31, Columbia Falls (CF) 26, Missoula Hellgate (Hgt) 25, Libby (Lib) 21, Great Falls C.M. Russell (CMR) 18.5, Hamilton (Ham) 17, Superior (Sup) 6.


First round

105 - Josh Smart, GFH, pinned Matt Wolter, Ftn, 1:20; Tucker Schmidt, BS, pinned River Sides, Sup, 5:27.

112 - Nick Lamb, Md, pinned Caden Lockhart, Hgt, 1:00; Cody Lemons, Ftn, pinned Chris Anderson, LC, :27.

119 - Michael Ledford, Ham, pinned Devin Scott, WV, 3:32; Brandon Dumont, Ron, pinned Butch Anderson, Boz, 1:24; Camron Hunt, Md, m. dec. Andy Anderson, But, 16-2; Caleb Piasecki, Fla, pinned Aaron Seefeldt, Lib, :36.

125 - Marx Kemmer, BS, pinned Rafael Salgado, Fer, 1:59; Justin Whitman, CF, dec. Nick Wells, LC, 5-1; Hudson Staub, CDA, dec. Mitch Haugen, Lib, 10-3; Culley Buckley, Boz, pinned Jesse Alfiero, Pol, 3:29; Thomas Gruber, Hav, dec. Andrew Teigan, Ron, 6-4; Tre Yaeger, Lew, m. dec. Gage Weston, But, 11-2; Wyatt Scott, WV, pinned Kyle Lubke, Ham, 4:43.

130 - Coty Piasecki, Fla, pinned Sam Diedesch, Fer, 5:09; Brenton Beard, CV, pinned Landon Faulk, Ham, 3:32; Lucas Mantel, Gla, dec. Luke Davenport, Sent, 11-9; Zack Smith, Hav, pinned Markus Kolp, Boz, 5:57; Andrew Basinger, Md, pinned Jason Reikena, BS, 3:44; Bryce Armstrong, But, pinned Billy Potts, LC, 2:45.

135 - Jeremy Golding, Md, pinned Jackson Barber, Gla, 2:31; Logan Fisher, Ftn, dec. Dan Taron, Sup, 9-7; Jermie Granot, Lew, dec. Cody Hader, CF, 7-2; Dillon Seely, Hav, dec. Dewayne Montgomery, Sent, 8-6.

140 - Kenny Staub, CDA, pinned Sebastian Rinde, Fer, 4:23; Luke Konzal, WV, pinned Scotty Morgan, BS, 2:24; Devan Williams, Cor, pinned Tate Alexander, GFH, 3:12; Joey Hiett, Sent, pinned Seth Lapinski, Sup, 1:01; Jim Malone, Lew, dec. Jake Gilbertson, Md, 7-2; Patrick Grady, CV, dec. Alex Nystrom, Pol, 7-2.

145 - Eli Hinebauch, Hav, pinned Mike Devlin, Pol, 4:27; Sean McCormack, Boz, pinned Clayton Paull, Fer, 3:02; Sean King, Sent, dec. Dakota Schnall, LC, 3-2; Jeremiah Gaiser, Fla, pinned Derik Lane, WV, 1:20; Riley Nagel, Cor, pinned Cody Spillane, CV, 5:58; Dustin Goldsby, Ron, pinned Brady Morey, Ham, 1:47; Casey McMillon, BS, pinned Aundre Condit, Lib, 2:41; Jake Graham, CDA, pinned Wyatt Merkel, But, 1:52; Rex Martin, Lew, pinned Tucker Truett, Ftn, 2:19.

152 - Brad Nordahl, Ftn, pinned Jeff Hawk-Robinson, Md, 1:59; Erik Dewing, Hgt, pinned Sam Wavra, CMR, 1:32; Jon Strickland, Clk, pinned Taylor Rollins, WV, 2:30; Quincy Jessop, Cor, pinned Gabe Ross, CDA, 3:50; Jake Hollenbeck, CV, pinned Logan Oswald, GFH, :48; Kameron Pribyl, Hav, pinned Zach Jensen, Fer, 5:52; Keegan Kelley, LC, pinned Natty Lambert, Boz, 3:48; Jacob Sanford, Lew, pinned Colton Lenz, Pol, 3:57; Steel Hahn, Flat, pinned Tyler Wharry, Sup, :18.

160 - Spencer Folsom, Clk, pinned Nathan McCracken, CMR, 1:07; Brandon Olean, Hgt, m. dec. Dave Anderson, Ftn, 11-2; Justis Balison, LC, dec. Jake Williams, Hav, 10-4; Larry Francis, Fla, dec. Riley Pisk, Gla, 5-1; Tanner Davis, CV, m. dec. Michael Cloud, Sent, 11-0; Jacob Patschkowski, UHi, dec. Tyler Weaver, GFH, 2-0.

171 - Jordan Rogers, Md, pinned Tommy Weed, Fer, :42; Josh Folsom, CF, dec. Zach Bauer, Hgt, 8-4; Brock Beeler, Clk, pinned Sawyer Depee, Sent, 1:48; Lane Armstrong, Gla, dec. Kurt Beck, CV, 2-1.

189 - Jacob Waller, Clk, pinned Rand Pritzkau, Ftn, 1:06; Calen Lambert, LC, dec. Buzzy Davies, But, 8-6; Kolton Cole, CV, pinned Jared Ruttkofsky, Hav, 5:51; Marcus Ross, CF, pinned Marlin Burke, Pol, 1:27; Jaydn Wilson, Sent, dec. James Weidow, Cor, 12-6.

215 - Mack Sutherland, Gla, pinned Dylan Wine, But, :45; Marc Evans, Boz, pinned Jarrett Guyer, Lew, :53; Phil Selin, CMR, pinned Adrian Sherman, LC, 3:10; Sheldon Cole, CV, pinned Anson Weathers, Ftn, :59.

Hwt - Tegan Orndorff, UHi, dec. Cody Babcock, Md, 3-2.

Second round

98 - Justin Conklin, BS, pinned Carson Graham, CV, 5:59; Kenton Evans, GFH, pinned Josh Venema, Cor; 3:24; Carlos Quinones, Pol, pinned Kale Kelley, Hgt, 1:54; Dylan Schulte, Sent, dec. Vito Degidio, Boz, 8-6; Kwest Osborn, UHi, tech fall Andrew Olson, Lew, 18-2 (5:08); Max Peterson, Md, pinned Harland Jordan, CF, :43; Chase Lincoln, CDA, pinned Wilson Gavyn , Fla, 3:46; Christian Knopp, Gla, pinned Colton Cox, Ham, :56.

105 - Zak Harney, But, pinned Kyle Taylor, Boz, 4:37; Rocco Winfield, LC, pinned Nate Kennelley, Hav, 3:12; Levi Parsley, WV, pinned Isaac King, Lib, 3:42; Smart, GFH, pinned Jordan Hegel, Sent, 4:35; AJ Konda, CDA, tech fall Jake Marr, Unatt, 17-2 (5:00); Ryan Pierre, UHi, dec. Dylan Moll, Pol, 4-3; Matt Petrini, Md, pinned Seth McCall, CF, 1:57; Kaleb Mitchell, Gla, tech fall, Schmidt, BS, 17-0 (5:00).

112 - Austin Hilderbrand, WV, dec. Craig Feistner, Pol, 7-3; Seth James, Boz, dec. Chris Cronican, Clk, 6-5; Levi Gingerich, Cor, pinned Lamb, Md, 5:55; Gilbert Bara, Hav, pinned Trei Bullock, Lew, :52; Alek Mitchell, Gla, m. dec. Chase Rhine, Ron, 13-5; Ben Miller, Fer, pinned Austin Ashby, CDA, 1:29; Jarret Rowling, But, pinned Lemons, Ftn, 1:47; Tyler Clark, UHi, tech fall Doug McDonald, BS, 15-0 (3:00).

119 - Duell Stadel, Hav, pinned Brenden Northington, CDA, 1:57; Ledford, Ham, m. dec. Joel Anderson, Clk, 15-2; Sal Baccaro, CF, m. dec. Dumont, Ron, 9-1; Brandon Edwards, Sent, dec. Tim Allsop, Cor, 4-0; Brandon Matlock, UHi, pinned Drew Fouty, Pol, 1:39; Colton Orrino, CW, dec. Hunt, Md, 7-4; Austin Shupe, GFH, pinned Kade Branson, BS, 1:34; Piasecki, Fla, pinned Steven Collins, LC, 1:39.

125 - Jarod Maynes, CV, pinned Kemmer, BS, :42; Whitman, CF, dec. Anthony Zimmer, GFH, 5-4; Staub, CDA, dec. Chace Malone, Cor, 5-0; Buckley, Boz, pinned Austin Kinser, Sent, 1:11; Cody Tally, Fla, pinned Eric Benton, Clk, 1:52; Zach Barber, Gla, pinned Gruber, Hav, 3:57; Yaeger, Lew, pinned Connor Friend, Md, 3:18; Ryan Gabel, UHi, pinned Scott, WV, 1:53.

130 - Cole Mendenhall, GFH, pinned Piasecki, Fla, 1:30; Kyle Siegwarth, CDA, m. dec. Jose Quinones, Pol, 9-0; Beard, CV, pinned Shane Morgan, WV, 1:48; Mantel, Gla, pinned Devin Williams, Lib, :47; Smith, Hav, m. dec. Adam Richardson, CF, 10-0; John Chamberlin, Lew, m. dec. Kevin Fogel, Cor, 9-0; Zach Westre, Ftn, pinned Basinger, Md, 3:22; Brandon Byers, UHi, dec. Armstrong, But, 7-3.

135 - Golding, Md, pinned Ethan Cheff, Hgt, :39; Rieley Smith, UHi, pinned Austin Hakes, Ron, 2:50; Jacob Young, Pol, tech fall Fisher, Ron, 15-0 (2:51); Braden Davis, CV, pinned Jared Lambert, LC, 1:23; Riley Berry, Boz, tech fall Kaleb Michel, Fer, 19-4 (5:00); Granot, Lew, pinned Keon Gallagher, BS, 1:27; Seely, Hav, m. dec. EG Lunceford, CDA, 18-4; Travis Davis, Cor, tech fall Randy Sloan, WV, 19-3 (4:20).

140 - Staub, CDA, m. dec. Cooper Sipe, Gla, 9-1; Ty Hedricks, Ftn, pinned Mike Schell, Clk, 1:34; Konzal, WV, dec. Alex Teynor, Hgt, 8-1; Williams, Cor, dec. Adam Wollant, Boz, 5-3; Matt Fry, UHi, dec. Hiett, Sent, 6-2; Kohl Thompson, CF, m. dec. Malone, Lew, 10-2; Grady, CV, pinned Nathan Partenfelder, LC, 3:32; Kyle Leir, Lib, m. dec. Jacob Egley, Fla, 17-4.

145 - Hinebauch, Hav, pinned McCormack, Boz, 1:20; King, Sent, pinned Blake Cotton, CMR, 2:44; Gaiser, Fla, dec. Josh Wright, Sup, 9-5; Nagel, Cor, tech fall Darren Damon, Clk, 16-1 (4:00); Dylan Mendenhall, GFH, m. dec. Goldsby, Ron, 11-3; Chandler Rogers, Md, pinned McMillon, BS, 2:26; Adrian Orndoff, UHi, dec. Graham, CDA, 6-1; Martin, Lew, pinned Jason Williams, CF, 3:52.

152 - Nordahl, Ftn, pinned Dewing, Hgt, 3:05; Shane St. Onge, Gla, pinned Strickland, Clk, 1:05; Jessop, Cor, dec. Trevin Hiebert, UHi, 3-1; Hollenbeck, CV, pinned Colby Arbuckle, CF, 1:08; Josh Seeberger, Sent, dec. Pribyl, Hav, 6-1; Kelley, LC, pinned Chase Linton, BS, 4:19; Robin Kyes, Lib, dec. Sanford, Lew, 10-4; Hahn, Flat, pinned Derek McGrath, But, 3:52.

160 - Connor Malone, Lew, pinned Tanner McCullough, BS, 2:33; Folsom, Clk, pinned Kyle Thomas, Cor, :42; Hunter Chandler, Boz, dec. Olean, Hgt, 7-3; Dylan Berget, Lib, m. dec. Balison, LC, 11-1; Francis, Fla, pinned Jacob Burgess, CF, :49; Davis, CV, dec. Jenya Nicks, Fer, 6-2; Sam Voigtlaender, Md, pinned Andrew Bowers, WV, 3:24; Johnny Peregrina, CDA, m. dec. Patschkowski, UHi, 14-2.

171 - Rogers, Md, pinned Jacade Owings, Cor, :43; Jim Boswell, Boz, dec. Austin Bailey, Lib, 14-10; Chris Yocum, But, pinned Chris Merritt, Ftn, 2:36; Cole McArthur, Ron, pinned Folsom, CF, 3:36; Garrett Demers, CDA, pinned Bill Thompson, Lew, 1:50; Beeler, Clk, pinned Austin Fisher, CMR, 1:16; Troy Capp, Ham, dec. Tanner Orr, BS, 3-2; Jacob Fry, UHi, dec. Armstrong, Gla, 8-2.

189 - Toby Cheff, Ron, pinned Logan Neubauer, Lib, :38; Lambert, LC, pinned Waller, Clk, 4:34; Cole, CV, dec. Thomas Morgan, WV, 8-7; Russell Stinson, Fer, pinned Ross, CF, 2:19; Caleb Davis, CDA, pinned Chris Douglas, GFH, 1:32; Boyce Ballard, Gla, pinned Wilson, Sent, 3:19; Darby Maier, BS, pinned Shane Kuykendall, Md, 1:57; Dustin Johnson, UHi, pinned Forest Fortney, Ham, 1:14.

215 - Jake Laden, UHi, pinned James Volz, Md, 1:56; Sutherland, Gla, pinned Kyle White, WV, 1:04; Evans, Boz, dec. Jake Nachtigal, BS, 6-2; Josh Salapich, Hav, pinned Tyler Alsup, Sent, 2:58; Colby Roberts, Ron, dec. Anthony Canton, Fer, 4-1; Selin, CMR, dec. Andres Geranios, GFH, 7-2; Ben Mead, Hgt, dec. Cole, CV, 9-5; Thomas Tucker, CDA, pinned Jacob Babcock, CF, 1:47.

Hwt - Connor Thomas, Fla, pinned Jacob Moderie, Hgt, :37; Cody Bartos, CF, dec. Drew Moreno, CDA, 2-1; Josiah Clairmont, Pol, pinned Will Sanderson, Cor, :48; Chad Sickles, BS, pinned Tyler Adams, Hav, 1:42; Orndorff, UHi, dec. Alex Hachman, WV, 8-3; Dan Shoultz, CV, pinned John Kellems, GFH, 2:44; DeVante Wilson, Ftn, pinned Drew Sharkey, Fer, 5:09; Jacob Benson, LC, pinned Anthony Moritz, But, 1:40.


98 - Conklin, BS, dec. Evans, GFH, 7-5; Schulte, Sent, m. dec. Quinones, Pol, 12-4; Osborn, UHi, dec. Peterson, Md, 6-0; Knopp, Gla, pinned Lincoln, CDA, 3:02.

105 - Harney, But, pinned Winfield, LC, 3:56; Smart, GFH, dec. Parsley, WV, 8-2; Konda, CDA, m. dec. Pierre, UHi, 16-3; Mitchell, Gla, pinned Petrini, Md, 4:55.

112 - James, Boz, dec. Hilderbrand, WV, 8-2; Gingerich, Cor, dec. Bara, Hav, 7-5; Mitchell, Gla, pinned Miller, Fer, 2:31; Clark, UHi, m. dec. Rowling, But, 12-2.

119 - Stadell, Hav, m. dec. Ledford, Ham, 13-1; Edwards, Sent, dec. Baccaro, CF, 2-0; Orrino, CV, dec. Matlock, UHi, 9-7; Shupe, GFH, dec. Piasecki, Fla, 12-6.

125 - Maynes, CV, pinned Whitman, CF, 4:55; Buckley, Boz, dec. Staub, CDA, 8-3; Tally, Fla, dec. Barber, Gla, 7-0; Gabel, UHi, pinned Yaeger, Lew, 3:41.

130 - Mendenhall, GFH, dec. Siegwarth, CDA, 10-4; Beard, CV, dec. Mantel, Gla, 7-4; Smith, Hav, dec. Chamberlin, Lew, 1-0; Westre, Ftn, dec. Byers, UHi, 5-3.

135 - Golding, Md, pinned Smith, UHi, 1:54; Young, Pol, dec. Davis, CV, 7-3; Berry, Boz, pinned Granot, Lew, 3:09; Davis, Cor, dec. Seely, Hav, 8-1.

140 - Staub, CDA, tech fall Hedrick, Ftn, 15-0 (4:00); Williams, Cor, pinned Konzal, WV, 2:52; Fry, UHi, dec. Thompson, CF, 9-2; Leir, Lib, pinned Grady, CV, 1:14.

145 - Hinebauch, Hav, tech fall King, Sent, 17-2 (2:46); Nagel, Cor, dec. Gaiser, Fla, 9-5; Rogers, Md, dec. Mendenhall, GFH, 3-2; Martin, Lew, m. dec. Orndorff, UHi, 13-3.

152 - Nordahl, Ftn, pinned St. Onge, Gla, 3:27; Hollenbeck, CV, pinned Jessop, Cor, 3:09; Seeberger, Sent, pinned Kelley, LC, 2:46; Hahn, Flat, pinned Kyes, Lib, 1:21.

160 - Malone, Lew, pinned Folsom, Clk, 1:27; Chandler, Boz, dec. Berget, Lib, 3-1; Francis, Fla, inj. default over Davis, CV; Peregrina, CDA, dec. Voigtlaender, Md, 5-2.

171 - Rogers, Md, pinned Boswell, Boz, :29; Yocum, But, dec. McArthur, Ron, 11-6; Demers, CDA, dec. Beeler, Clk, 8-4; Fry, UHi, dec. Capp, Ham, 11-7.

189 - Cheff, Ron, pinned Lambert, LC, 3:02; Stinson, Fer, dec. Cole, CV, 9-3; Davis, CDA, dec. Ballard, Gla, 3-1; Johnson, UHi, pinned Maier, BS, 3:50.

215 - Laden, UHi, pinned Sutherland, Gla, 5:15; Salapich, Hav, pinned Evans, Boz, :52; Selin, CMR, inj. default over Roberts, Ron; Tucker, CDA, pinned Mead, Hgt, 1:46.

Hwt - Thomas, Fla, dec. Bartos, CF, 4-1; Clairmont, Pol, pinned Sickles, BS, :30; Shoultz, CV, pinned Orndorff, UHi, 1:21; Wilson, Ftn, pinned Benson, LC, 3:57.


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