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Bank Shot up at Hi-Line Lanes


The annual U.S.B.C. Youth Awards and Banquet was held Sunday with a very fine turnout. Awards were given out and then the youth took to the lanes for a fun time of moonlight bowling and other games. Hi-Line Lanes would like to thank all the parents who worked so very hard throughout the year with the program, especially, Jason and Sharon McDonald, Shawn and Christie Holden, Shawn Mariani, Kyndra Moore, Candi Kirkegard, David and Julie Hassa, Chris Drew with the PeeWee's and all the rest who showed up to assist. It made our job easier.

The P.B.A. resumes this Sunday with the beginning of the Dick Weber playoffs. TV time is 12 p.m. on ESPN.

Bank Shot is now at Hi-Line Lanes with the pop up bumpers installed on lanes 23-24. There will be another set put in soon and hopefully more in the future.

This article will be late next week as the reporter is traveling to Spokane for the NCAA women's Sweet 16.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: Laine Fitzpatrick 231, 600; Shawn Holden 237; Jeff Lynnes 634; Hi Line Lanes 890; Storm Water, Inc. 2535; Andy Ehlert 220; Mike Hamilton 236, 619; Kelly Olson 232, 632; Minnow Mariani 200, Shawn Mariani 610. 1st ProBuild, 2nd Independence Bank, 3rd Diversified Surveying, 4th Storm Water, Inc.

MONDAY STRAIGHTAWAY: Dana Seidel 175, 678; Brandon Berreth 251; Shawn Mariani 849; Creative Leisure 672, 2424; Kyle Surber 225, 820; Brandon Berreth 818; David Wolf 247, 809; Ken Erickson 235, 817; Ryan Mapes 816, Ken Riska 226, 834. 1st Creative Leisure, 2nd Minnow's Marine, 3rd Arctic Circle, 4th Kinsella Auction.

WOMENS CITY: Lauretta LaBuda 199; Marlene Pizzini 526; Terry Wright 498; Maxine Munson 193, 510; Jackie Mayer 186, 505. SPLITS: Lisa Overlie 5-10; Maxine Munson 4-9; Michelle Mariani 5-8-10; Jenn McLean 5-10. 1st Tilleman Motors, 2nd Mariani Insurance, 3rd Lucky Strike Casino, 4th Tie Black Butte Electric and B & D Fabrications.

MENS CITY: Cody Thompson 257; Shawn Mariani 698; Grand Daddy Purps 1164; Oxford Bar 3256; Russell Boucher 226, 602; Mike Grubb 223; Randy Randolph 233, Kyle Surber 214, 608; JR Bilger 226. 1st Diversified Surveying, 2nd Havre Ford, 3rd Bru's Pro Shop, 4th Everything Eletric.

THURSDAY MORNING: Julie Rodgers 215, 601; Raymond James 678; Barkus Home Center 1908; Lisa Ophus 214; Jackie Mayer 193, 490; Marlene Pizzini 506. SPLITS: Ruby Worstell 4-10. 1st McLean's Grocery.

THURSDAY MIXERS: Susie Freide 169, 477; Jeff Healy 242; Chris Pappas 637; Koefod Insurance 831, 2378; Andy Owens 203; Jeff Healy 622 (150 average + 172) 1st Palace Bar.

U.S.B.C. Youth Finals for the Season- High Averages:

Bantams: Quinn McDonald 78; Max Olson 72. PREPS: Jaycee McDonald 143; Jacelyn Hassa 113; Daniel Johnson 110; Kendall Holden 106; Keiton Kirkegard 105. MAJORS: Jaylee Berg 119, Brandi Berg 117; Brock Morkin 126; Spence Morkin 126.


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