By Tristan 

Bob Kaul a tireless representative for Havre voters



To the voters of Ward 3, you have a chance to re-elect Bob Kaul as your Havre City Council representative. Working with Bob over these past years, I have found him to be very good for the city of Havre. Bob is tireless in his efforts to represent the voters in his ward or on projects that he believes are in the best interest of the city and the surrounding area.

One such project that comes to mind is the city safety program. With due diligence and leadership, Bob's work with the department heads of the city turned this program into an award-winning example for the state.

It is my honor to have worked with, and learned from Bob these past four years, and it would be wise for the voters of Ward 3 to return Bob to his seat on the council.

Calvin Long

Councilman, Ward 2



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