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By Tristan 

Money doesn't make a leader



It's show-me-the-money time in national politics when candidates for federal office are scrambling to beat the clock and bolster their campaign coffers.

By Thursday, federal candidates must release detailed financial reports with the Federal Election Commission. These reports show campaign expenditures, contributions and cash in the bank. They serve as early-money litmus tests to the strength of a campaign and a candidate's chances. The FEC Report can be a tremendous boost to a candidate's potential success or a terrible bust. Sadly, "Citizens United," the disappointing U.S. Supreme Court ruling that equates corporations with individuals, gives some candidates an unfair advantage.

A good showing in the FEC Report may be false measure of those candidates and their ability to lead and represent us citizens.

Instead, it just means that big money pours in to candidates who are ready and willing to reciprocate with huge tax cuts to highly profitable corporations, diminishing worker rights and killing health, safety and environmental regulations.

These are the same candidates, like Rep. Denny Rehberg, turning their backs on seniors who rely on Medicare.

So, when the hoopla starts and political pundits base the staying power of a campaign on the FEC report, please know better.

The true character of candidates is not about what's in their wallets. It's about what's in their hearts. Sen. Jon Tester takes the good of all Montanans to heart.

Mary Ann Dunwell



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