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Wine company gives grant for Sunnyside art

Wine and art usually only meet at gallery show openings, but this summer they've come together in Sunnyside Intermediate School.

The artists of Sunnyside's classrooms have inspired some admirers from the Montvale, N.J. -based wine company KRIS Wine to join with Americans for the Arts to offer the school a $1,000 grant "in support of quality arts education programs. "

"Funds from the third annual 'Art of Education' grant program come at a crucial time as budget cuts threaten arts education programs across the country, " a press release from KRIS' publicists, Benson Marketing Group.

According to the release, the grant is for Sunnyside to purchase "art supplies for students to create their own rendition of Vincent van Gogh's 'Starry Night. '"

"This grant was excellent in helping promote the importance of creative thinking in the classroom, " Glenda Stickel, a fifth-grade teacher at Sunnyside, said in the release.

Havre Public Schools Superintendent Andy Carlson said that Sunnyside was being considered for the award last fall.

In October, KRIS Wine's Facebook page held a contest looking for schools to split a total of $25,000 in arts education funding.

Carlson said he

had heard that Sunnyside had been nominated by the Seattle son of longtime Havre dentist Robert Rector.

"I think the cool part is it was a kid who was a former Havre student who wanted to give back, after his dad put a lot into the community as a dentist, " Carlson said.

"It's just neat to be thought of. "


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