Local Bowling Report: Holden's Hot Wheels tourney a big success


The Holden's Hot Wheels Tournament was a success. On Saturday and Sunday bowlers took to the lanes. Junior bowlers doing their best to strike or leave an easy spare for their partner to pick up, which sometimes was a big challenge for the elder bowler.

Hi Line Lanes would like to thank all who bowled on both days. Also a big thank you to Christie and Shawn Holden for a fine job well done in providing the food and running the tournament. Thanks again.

TOURNEY TRAIL: P.B.A. Masters from Henderson, Nevada. 1st match Brian Smith 251 to Dan McCelland's 212. 2nd match Brian Smith 180 to Mike Fagan's 222. Championship match Chris Barnes 213 to Mike Fagan's 246.

Up-coming tournaments, Men's City Tournament and Dewey No-Tap.

On- going tournament: Snowy Lanes, Lewistown Team and Singles.

Over the week end I told a young bowler he had to bowl with the arm he established his average with, which was his right hand. I noticed he was using a two handed delivery in picking up some spares. I told him that was illegal. I stand corrected as long as your two handed delivery is the dominant hand that you established your average with is legal. (Rule 118 b/3 and 118 b/4). We see more and more of this all the time with the ever popular delivery.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Keep focused at all times, no matter which happens, you must keep your mind in the game. Self hypnosis is a good thing to try. Try relaxing in a chair before you come to bowl and imagine bowling a game. When you get to the lanes it will help you focus. I have used this technique for years.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: S. Hamilton 187; C. Holden 541; M. Hamilton 245; R. Surber 652; Bud Light 919; Team O'Reilly 2503. Triplicate: S. Robinson. 200's &O 60's: D. Jones 226; B. Berreth 235; M. Hamilton 620, R. Turner 638. 1st The Untras.

MONDAY STRAIGHTAWAY MIXED: R. Mapes 276; K. Olson 854; E-1 Towing 660, 2406. 200's & 800's: D. Linderman 232; K. Surber 236, 835; R. Mapes 833; S. Mariani 252, 807; R. Turner 235, 802; A. Brug 223, 806; J. Lynnes 234, 799.

TUESDAY WOMENS: K. Purkett 204; P. Ehlert 488; T. Wright 480, make-up 212, 526; Black Butte Electric, Inc. 811, 2205. SPLITS: S. Wirt 5-7; F. Brubaker 6-7-10; B. Baumgarn 5-10. 1st Place tie Tilleman Motor and Mariani Insurance.

MENS CITY: C. Thompson 257; N. Turner 694; Diversified Surveying 1124; Bill Henry Const. 3208. 600's and others: M. Mariani 255; R. Mapes 607, S. Mariani 234, 621; B. Preeshl 222; F. Williams 231; R. LaBuda 223, 632; D. Genereux 234, 643; R. Turner 237; R. Surber 231, 649; J. Keeler 607; C. Thompson 652; B. Lilletvedt 213, 618; D. Morse 226. 1st Havre Ford.

THURSDAY MORNING: D. Bitz 209; J. Rodgers 535. 1st Raymond James.

THURSDAY MIXERS: L. Fitzpatrick 191, 491; J. McDonald 222, 630; Rod's Drive In 443; Pizza Hut #1 1273. 1st Watson Trucking.

HIGHS FOR THE WEEK: Dee Bitz 209; Christie Holden 541; Ryan Mapes 276; Nick Turner 694.


MONDAY MIXED: L. Hebner 196, 501; T. Hybner 205; D. Hebner 535; Goldstone 849, 2418.

TUESDAY HDCP: Gordon Standiford 247, 630; McNair Furniture 862; Milk River Motors 2356.

WEDNESDAY WOMEN: P. Walston 180, 484; Strikers R Us 424, 1215.

200's & 500's & 600's: T. Hebner 205, 501; D. Redding 215, 532, 515, 588; C. Pappas 200, 537; K. Springer 205, 542; M. Wanken 200; D. Hebner 535, 515; T. Langel 547; R. Melby 525; D. Jones 519; P. Foster Sr. 506; G. Standiford 630. SPLITS: d. Mikulesky 5-10; G. Standiford 4-10.

HIGHS FOR THE WEEK: Lynn Hybner 196, 501; Gordon Standiford 247, 630.

YOUTH BOWLING LEAGUE: MAJORS: W. Wendland 166, 401; C. Spoicher 182, 481. JUNIORS: T. Rettig 179, 505; G. Spinler 152, 389. PREP: P. Peterson 109; T. Hudson 323; C. Otto 147, 361.


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