By Tristan 

Hi-Line Darts and Laurels


Laurel — In a time when many are questioning the ability of a corporation to behave ethically, to do the right thing, Wendy's International Inc. did. After years of regularly unsafe or unsanitary working and eating conditions, they closed Havre's franchise. And while the closure was certainly not altruistic, but done to spare their own brand's image, we commend them. There will be (to our knowledge) no more French fries served in Havre with sprinklings of raw chicken juice.

Dart — We are very strong supporters of the $3.4 billion settlement between the U.S. government and Native Americans over misspent land royalties. Congress has adopted the deal worked out between the Obama administration and Native American groups under the leadership of Eloise Cobell, the courageous Blackfeet leader who fought for years for the settlement. We wish four dissident Native Americans had not challenged the settlement in court, but it was their right to do so. Now lawyers for the plaintiffs have just released the addresses and phone numbers of the dissidents to more than 50,000 people who stand to gain from the deal. There was more than a subtle suggestion that they put pressure on the dissidents. Bad idea. Whether it was the intention or not, the disclosure smacks of intimidation. Opponents have the legal right to fight the settlement if they so choose. And they have the right to do it without intimidation.

Laurel — The Hamilton School District was the winner, and Havre was the loser this week, when the Hamilton School Board named Havre Public School Assistant Superintendent Tom Korst their new superintendent. Korst's time spent in Havre was way too short. He will be missed. Best of luck in Hamilton.

Laurel — Congratulations to Puxatawney Phil. Area farmers are praying for more moisture, but if we are to get six more weeks of the temperatures we have had thus far in Montana this winter, that's fine with us.


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