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George Ferguson Column: For me, and for local sports, summer is winding down

When reflecting on a summer that isn't over just yet, two words are pretty common: Hot and Dry.

But there's been plenty more than that too look back on.

Some of you may be asking why in the heck I'm talking about looking back on the summer already when it's only Aug. 3, and the children of Havre and the Hi-Line are probably frowning at my notion of looking forward to the fall.

But it has to be done because, while it's still going to be hot and dry for a while, and I still have several rounds left on my punch card at Prairie Farms Golf Course, the fact is, from a sports standpoint, the fall is nearly upon us.

The Montana State University-Northern volleyball team is already practicing and is just two weeks away from opening its season. The MSU-Northern football team begins its work on Sunday, and Aug. 9 is a big date as well, as high school golfers begin practicing in Havre. Then it will be football's turn as high school teams report for fall camp on Aug. 10 and 13 while volleyball and cross country teams can begin practicing on Aug. 13 as well.

Let's face it, that's not that far away. And before you know it, we'll all be at Blue Pony and Lights' football games, we'll be watching volleyballs fly and we'll be watching cross country runners go the distance.

But don't worry, through much of it, it will still probably be hot and dry. I wouldn't bet on an early winter.

And that's not my point anyway.

I'm by no means looking forward to winter, and I'm really not ready for my summer to be over yet. In fact, I still have summer quests to conquer, including one more adult tennis tournament, and a few more good scores on the golf course. I still have plenty to do in the way of training a precocious new black lab before the dark and cold of another winter hit home, and I have some work to my house I'd still like to get done as well.

Never-the-less, for me, and for those who participate in fall sports, things are about to get ratcheted up, and that's just fine.

There really is nothing like the fall sports season around here. It's filled with excitement, drama, intensity and a lot of young high school and college athletes who truly love to compete in front of this community and its rabid sports fans.

And while I enjoyed the youth baseball season immensely, while I enjoyed playing tennis almost every day, even if my body didn't, and while I still love to play golf, I'm one hundred percent ready to start spending my days and nights in football stadiums, inside gymnasiums and all over this great community watching and covering our teams play their great games.

All of that isn't quite hear yet, but I'm also honoring my commitment to stay ahead of the game so to speak and that's why I'm writing my farewell to summer column before the games really game.

So this is my indeed my goodbye to another summer in Havre. It's been fun, it's been entertaining and most of all, it's been way too hot.

But this column is also my hello to fall sports, because it won't be long now. So I will see you all very soon, on the Blue Pony Stadium sidelines and in plenty of other places in Havre and down the Hi-Line.

Heck, it's all happening so fast, it won't be long and I'll see you all while I sit in front of my mom's house watching the Festival Days Parade go by.

So for now, so long summer. It's been a pleasure and I'll be ready to do it all again next year. And to the future, hello fall.


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