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Local Bowling Report: Many changes made to state tournaments

Over the weekend we traveled to smokey Missoula for the annual Jamboree which was hosted by the Missoula USBC. We had a very good time and brought back a lot of information to pass to the bowlers of Havre.

There have been some major changes in the state tournaments. The Open Tournament which is in Butte at Star Lanes for all of the events because King Pin Lanes has down sized from 16 to six lanes.

One of the changes is Singles and Doubles will be bowled on the same pair of lanes, no flip-flopping, nine weekends with two weekends being skipped because of the Ringin 10 Tournament and Easter.

Lanes will be stripped and oiled every shift. Entry Fees have increased $25 for men and women. Handicap is 90 percent of 235 for the Open and 90 percent of 225 for women. Missoula is hosting the women's tournament April 19 through the weekend of May 12 which is Mother's Day and UM Graduation. So if any team is considering going that week end it is advisable to block rooms Now.

OOPS! My mistake. Mike Purkett's name was left out of last week's article. He shot a 682 series with a 266 game. Sorry Cakes.

TOURNEY TRAIL: Little Lanes is still down. No word as to when opening or when the Mel Wiley Tournament will be scheduled. State Seniors Tournament is in Big Fork Oct. 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21. Women's National in Reno is March 1 through July 1, 2013. Go online at to fill out your entry form to enter. There will be 48 new lanes, state of the art scoreboards, new concourses and a lot more.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: Clausen & Sons 874, 2476; L. Fitzpatrick 193, 535; Pat Newton 241, 598. Women: C. Holden 509; Donna Tilleman 198. Men: B. Crowder 571; R. Surber 221; M. Hamilton 571; J. Burrington 215. 1st Place Holden's Hot Wheels and Custom Collision Repair.

MONDAY STRAIGHTAWAY MIXED: Minnow's Marine 675, 2582; S. Mariani 279, 960. 200's and 600's: C. Anderson 220; J. T. Davis 223, 824; D. Kinsella 225; Dana Seidel 212; R. Turner 237, 886; K. Erickson 224, 820; M. Howard 247, 910; L. Fitzpatrick 221; R. Turner 641; S. Mariani 681; M. Howard 677. 1st place Creative Leisure.

WOMEN'S CITY: Black Butte Electric 829; Tilleman's 2339; D. Tilleman 206; L. Morrell 514. SPLITS: L. Farmer 5-7. S. Friede 189, 502; L. Ophus 184; L. O'Leary 190, 510.

MENS CITY: Oxford Bar 1059; Havre Ford 2852; D. Wolf 252; R. Mapes 692. 600's & 220's: B. Henry 222; S. Mariani 234, 621; J. Shulund 236, 617; B. Cornelius 222; F. Williams 233, 607.

THURSDAY MORNING: Barkus Home Center & Griggs Printing 607; Griggs Printing 1730; J. Rodgers 179, 504. 1st place Frontier L & L.

THURSDAY MIXERS: Palace Bar #1 456; K. & F. Services 1293; D. Watson 182, 509; J. McDonald 254, 715 (1st ever 700). Highlights: T. Johnson 207; A. Owens 204; D. Watson 221; C. Pappas 182 triplicate; M. Morrell 207. SPLITS: S. McDonald 5-10; T. Pozega 7-9.

HIGH'S FOR THE WEEK: L. Fitzpatrick 221, 565; S. Mariani 279; J. McDonald 715.


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