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Cougar sighted at Eagles Manor


It happened mid-summer. A member of the Eagles Manor kitchen staff is said to have reported to a coworker, "There is a great big cat out there, and it's too big for me to pet!"

The following day, the cat was sighted by Reverend Al Rosgaard. The following week a smaller one was seen by Rev. Rosgaard.

After this unusual event, Rev. Rosgaard exercised his poetic license by composing the following verse. Here it is for our reading pleasure.

Noel R. Davidson


A Cougar Visits Eagles Manor

As I gaze out my window's view,

I sometimes see a deer and fawn.

And then, one day — and this is true! —

A stealthy cougar crossed our lawn!

His nose was sniffing at the ground —

He must have smelled the mule-

deer tracks,

His sharp eyes looking all around; —

His tenseness never would relax.

He hoped to feast on fresh, young deer —

A choice, raw steak would suit him


But this fierce beast is one to fear! —

So close to town he must not dine!

Stay clear of this most vicious cat,

For he could tear you, limb from

limb —

Don't ever trust a beast like that!

It takes a gun to deal with him!

— Rev. Al Rosgaard Sr., age 94


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