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Economic/financial mess that we face


We are all aware that there is an economic/financial problem in our country. How you and I as individuals react to this problem will make a big difference in the way we and our families live in the months and years ahead.

We do not react like animals do. Animals have a highly attuned sense of danger, whether it's an elk high in the mountains or your house cat. They don't know why, they don't know from what, but they can feel it. Something out there threatens them. Their survival depends on how closely they listen to their instincts and on what actions they take to prepare before danger strikes. Most of us however just wait around to see what happens. Is the world going to come crashing down? Many believe that it will, yet do nothing about it. Others do not see what is coming. What's happening in the world is called the Age of Turmoil by some, and they believe it will last for a long time.

The world is swimming in a deep filthy swamp of debt, and there apparently is no short-term solution. I have often said that I feel sorry for our grandchildren because our actions remind me of Christmas when kids tell Santa what they want, and we adults pay for it, and now we have deficits because we adults told the government what we want, and our kids will pay for it. So what can we do? First, develop an atmosphere for the creation of more jobs. Montana has the resources, now we need the "will" to permit companies to flourish and create jobs.

Jobs create tax dollars that support education, police, fireman, etc. No jobs — no tax base — so let's all get involved this election year and create a brighter future for our grandchildren.

Fred Carl Sr.



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