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Stamper gets 40 years for rape

Edward Ronald Stamper of Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, 37, will spend the next 40 years in prison for raping a woman who passed out after a two-day party.

Judge Sam Haddon sentenced Stamper in federal court in Great Falls Wednesday, to 480 months in prison followed by a lifetime of supervised release, and ordered him to pay a $100 assessment.

Stamper was convicted of sexual abuse after a trial in the court in Great Falls in October.

He was arrested after several witnesses said they returned to Stamper's house Jan. 23 after going out for a drive around the area and found him having sex with a woman who had been drinking with Stamper and them and had previously passed out.

The woman woke up and began to cry, and Stamper fought with one of the people who had just came in, while another took her upstairs in the residence. Some of the witnesses left to get help.

Stamper called the police and told them he had been assaulted. When police arrived, he told them that he had been talking with the woman and she had invited him back into the bedroom, and that he thought she wanted to have sex. He said the woman was not unconscious while he had sex with her.


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