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Baptists give Presbyterians something they left behind

Havre Daily News/John Kelleher

First Baptist Church Pastor John Chapman, left, and John Bruington, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Havre, display the gifts they gave to each other's churches during Saturday's centennial celebration at Pepin Park.

For just about 100 years, a stained glass window that once adorned the entrance to the old First Presbyterian Church has been in storage at the First Baptist Church.

The Presbyterians sold their old church to the Baptists 100 years ago. The Baptists then moved the church from what is now the site of Helmbrecht's studio to its present location at 625 4th Ave.

After the building was moved, several changes were made to the church, and the stained glass window was taken off and put in storage. A couple of years back, the Baptists found the window in the church's garage. Knowing the century celebration was upcoming, they decided that would be a good time to give it as a gift to the Presbyterians.

So Presbyterian Pastor John Bruington was invited to the celebration Saturday at Pepin Park.

"Here's something you left behind, " Baptist Pastor John Chapman said to Bruington.

The window was a little bit the worse for wear after the century, but certainly repairable.

Bruington said the gift from the Baptists emphasizes the ties between the two congregations.

He said both refer to each other as Presbyterists or Baptistyrians.

"We are two buildings, two pastors, but one people... under God, " he said.

Chapman said the two churches are close in other ways.

When the Baptists first got their new cordless microphone, it worked so well that people attending Presbyterian services down the street could hear the sermons.

For his part, Bruington had a gift for the Baptists.

He gave the church a 100th birthday present — a drawing of Jesus calming the seas as recorded in the Gospel of St. Mark.


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