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Teens with special needs are falling through the cracks



I am finding it very hard to find help for my adopted son, Franklin, who has disabilities (he was born with hemaplegic cerebral palsy, which left him nonverbal but mobile).

I am trying to get a job but because of my adopted son's decision-making age, he cannot be left home alone.

We had him tested to get him qualified for Quality Life Concepts, but he scored 72 and their cutoff score is 70.

I am currently looking into Havre Day Activity Center. I called them and the woman that answered stated she thought it was for adults only.

He is too old (15, almost 16) for daycare.

I have been searching for four months for a someone to stay with him either in my home or theirs, so far no one has sounded interested that is qualified. He is also considered a high-risk choker as he does not chew his food very well.

In this community, I have found nothing for special needs to do. Why?

I know that Franklin is not the only special needs child in this community. What do the other parents do with their special needs child in the summer.

These kids are falling through all the cracks in our country and no one seems to care.

Thank you very much for letting me blow off steam.

Florence Walter



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