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No intent to ban sugary drinks

Havre residents' freedom to purchase 16-ounce sugary drinks will apparently remain unimpeded.

City Councilman Rick Dow, at the conclusion of Monday's City Council meeting, asked his colleagues if any had considered introducing legislation to prohibit the sale of oversized sugary drinks.

Last week, New York City imposed a ban on sale of such drinks at restaurants in the Big Apple.

Dow, a frequent critic of what he sees as unnecessary government regulation, called it "a dubious week. "

"How big is that one, " asked Councilwoman Bonnie Parenteau, pointing to an oversized cup in front of Dow.

Dow seemed pleased when no councilmen stepped forward to say they would support such legislation.

"These things often start on the coasts, " he said. "New York was the first state to pass a cellphone ban, " he said.

Dow was a strong opponent of Havre's ban on driving while talking on a cellphone, and he awaits trial on a charge that he violated the ban.

After the meeting, Dow told a reporter he needed to lose some weight and such a ban might be helpful to him.

"Just kidding, " he quickly added.


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