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Workplace elections should be handled with care



When making major purchases in our lives — homes, cars, college, etc. — we often deliberate for months before finally making a decision. In short, a lot of thought goes into what we do with our paychecks. Why should workplace elections be handled with any less care?

Most people would answer that they shouldn't. The Obama Labor Board however, would beg to differ. Rather than preserving the integrity of workplace elections they would rather make it easier for Big Labor to collect dues to fund Obama's presidential bid.

Big Labor has sought to expand its sphere of influence by sending professional union organizers to hold "ambush elections" at small businesses a mere five to seven days after the initial announcement of the election is made. These spur-of-the-moment elections deprive employees of the time necessary to cast an informed ballot as to whether or not they want to unionize their place of employment — and to determine whether the Union Bosses get to take a cut of their paychecks.

It is up to our congressional delegation to ensure that these blatant attempts to hold back business growth and line the pocketbooks of Big Labor don't go unchecked. By voting for the joint resolutions of disapproval they can override the regulations of the Obama Labor Board and protect the integrity of elections in the workplace.

Samuel H. Cornthwaite



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