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Sam Rankin will end corruption in Washington


A few weeks ago, senators of both parties joined forces so the oil and gas industry could keep its $24 billion in taxpayer subsidies. Those same senators received nearly $24 million in campaign donations from the oil and gas industry.

This is not coincidence. The corruption brought into our political system by special interest PACs and corporate lobbyists caused the financial meltdown. It is the reason that ammonia-treated pink slime, once considered dog food, is in our burgers. Money corruption is the reason we spend billions on warplanes that don't work, harmful drugs are fast-tracked to market, undisclosed chemical combinations are fracked into our drinking water and we're mired in endless war.

The corruption is insidious, born and bred within a campaign finance system that requires constant fundraising. Special interest PACs and corporate lobbyists are happy to contribute, but they want something in return. Our campaign finance system is nothing more than legal bribery. Our representatives have chosen who they will represent long before election day. (It's not you.)

The only way to end the corruption special interest money has brought to our elections is to elect people who won't take special interest money. Sam Rankin won't take bribes. Vote for Sam. Visit Make him Montana's congressman, because our country's problems can never be solved until we eliminate the bribery.

David Scott Smith



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