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MSU-Northern has too many bureaucrats


Let us rescue our university from the administrators and bureaucrats.

Less than one-third of all full-time employees in the Montana University System actually teach any classes at all. In our state's university system, spending on administration has increased much faster than spending on faculty and classes. the high cost of college nationwide is a direct result of the creation of an entitled class of administrators who are only accountable to each other. They engage in an astounding number of mind-numbing meetings and a fantastic orgy of paper shuffling. Little, if any, of this nonsense helps a single student.

Up in Havre at Montana State University-Northern, they have dozens and dozens of administrators, but no professor of psychology, music, foreign language, philosophy or women's studies, no poet and, despite being in the middle of Indian Country, no full-time American Indian on their faculty.

Every time some new president or chancellor gets hired, the university system goes out and spends the state's money on some search firm instead of doing the job themselves. Imagine hiring someone to cut your lawn only to find that you must pay double because the lad has hired a search firm to cut the grass.

What is the response of the Board of Regents to this crisis? They give lavish raises to the top administrators and cut more classes for students. The hard-working students of Montana and their families deserve better.

John Snider



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