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Radical protesters should concentrate on issues


I attended Denny Rehberg's "Liberate Main Street" rallies in Chinook and Havre.

He said at the outset that he was there to discuss solutions to the looming problems with government regulations imposed on business and agriculture of which slows job growth, Obamacare that is now projected to cost close to $3 trillion, and controlling the cost of runaway government spending.

Denny responded to every question in Chinook, but it was a different story at the rally in Havre, when the radical arm of the Democratic Party tried to detract and disrupt the rally.

They weren't interested in discussing ways to grow the economy or balance the budget.

Denny shared the same message, and then took time to visit with the people, one on one.

He even took time to visit with the protesters, that the media didn't report. They weren't interested in his response but wanted to dominate his time.

Oh sure, I'm going to be labeled as a mouth piece for the Republican Party. But anyone who knows me, knows that I don't care about politics, but only the issues.

I have a great working relationship with many Democrats and Republicans.

We continue seeking ways to enhance the economic viability of our communities by constructing an adequate transportation system — 4 For 2 — and getting expanded hours at our Canadian ports.

It would be great if the protesters would join us in addressing issues as they pertain to business, agriculture, education and jobs.

Bob Sivertsen



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