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Turiano has strong convictions


Montana voters, if you are like me, you appreciate those very few politicians who understand Constitutional principles and the foundational purpose of civil government, which is to secure our individual rights.

Drew Turiano is one of those few. His strong convictions prevent him from folding to the pressure of political expediency and pragmatism. He knows his oath of office supersedes his allegiance to any political party.

I support Drew in his effort to become the next secretary of state in Montana. I believe our elections and the election process in Montana should be honestly evaluated and weighed in light of the Montana Constitution. Also, candidates for office — every office — should be properly vetted to make sure they meet constitutional muster before they are placed on the ballot.

I am fully confident that Drew has the integrity and the tenacity to conduct the secretary of state office in a manner that will restore the confidence of the citizens of Montana that out elections are indeed "free and fair."

I will be voting for Drew Turiano for secretary of state. Please join me.


Rick Jore

Former Montana Republican

and Constitution Party legislator


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