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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Courtlan Vukasin

Havre High senior Courtlan Vukasin has swam his way into the upper ranks of Havre High swimming. He has been a part of the boys' swim team for the last four years, and has been a definite leader and contributor to the teams' success.

Vukasin has also swam at state for the last three seasons and will make his mark again this year. His best state place and time came last year as a junior, when he placed 12th overall in the 100-meter breaststroke with a time of 1:15. But Vukasin swims in five events total, including the in the medley relay, the 100-meter breaststroke, 200-meter free relay and the 400-meter free relay and the 50 free.

Vukasin has also helped the Ponies to plenty of team success along the way and he's become a leader on the HHS swim team.

Vukasin has also taken part in HHS track. As a sophomore he took part in the javelin and shot put, and has already made plans to get back into a Blue Pony uniform this spring for his senior season as a thrower.

Here's five questions with Courtlan Vukasin as his final season in the pool starts to wind down.

HDN: What first got you interested in the sport of swimming?

Vukasin: "Two of my older brothers (Bryden and Grayson) swam in high school. It was a family thing, I was at all of their meets and loved it, so I thought 'hey I would rather be swimming in these.'"

HDN: What do you do to prepare for a race?

Vukasin: "I just try not to psych myself out, I try not to think about it too much. And I don't eat, I hear a lot of people eat and drink right before, but I don't do anything, I just try to rest. And when the race comes up I just try to warm up and move around a little bit. I don't have any secrets, I just talk to friends and do anything to keep from getting too psyched out."

HDN: What goals do you have as a high school swimmer, or beyond?

Vukasin: "In high school there are some other swimmers from other schools that I want to beat. I just want to better myself and that is really my only goal for the year. I just want to beat their scores, and if not, be right up there with them. Some of these guys have been swimming their entire life, and I am trying to catch up."

HDN: How is competing in the pool as a swimmer different than competing in other sports?

Vukasin: "Swimming is more of a family, it is the people that keep bringing you back to compete. You are always comparing your times with your teammates and other schools, but as far as meets go, there isn't the same tension. When you get into sports like football, you don't really like the other team. In swimming we want to win, but there are no hard feelings, we are just looking to better ourselves so we can win."

HDN: What is your favorite race to compete in?

Vukasin: "My favorite race is definitely the 100 breaststroke. My brother swam it and that is what got me interested in it, I just wanted to beat his time. And I did that this year with 1:14.45 and so now I just have to better myself. His (Bryden's) was one 1:15."

Havre High senior Courtlan Vukasin got involved with the successful Blue Pony swim program after his two older brothers competed for HHS. But over his four years in the pool, he's become a great swimmer himself, as well as a team leader.


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