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Secretary of State was wrong to forgo primary


For nearly 250 years the right to vote has been America's ultimate check and balance. For some Montanans, this right has been diminished by the current Montana Secretary of State. Primary elections allow for qualified political parties to decide among themselves the best candidate to put forward in a general election for elected office. Ms. McCulloch's directive to forgo a Libertarian Primary is a slap in the face to voters across Montana who identify with that party and effectively dilutes their constitutionally guaranteed vote.

This type of political game has been played time and time again in Montana's history with those in power using their office to help out their friends and political allies. Apparently the partisan incumbent is no different. The Secretary of State needs to be a facilitator for fair elections, not judge and jury for politically charged dilemmas. Make no mistake; McCulloch had a choice to allow a Libertarian Primary to take place. Instead she chose to ignore the votes of thousands of Montanans in choosing our crucial vote in the United States Senate; this is inexcusable.

Scott Aspenlieder

Republican candidate for Secretary of State



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