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Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — Recycle Hi-Line is hoping to reorganize as a non-profit group and expand its services. The group, under Candi Zion's leadership, has done a lot of good since it was founded. It educates the public and takes part in clean-up days, especially Havre Pride Day. There is a lot more that can be done, and we hope Recycle Hi-Line's work is appreciated by local civic groups, businesses and government agencies and that they all pitch in.

Laurel — The federal government is awarding a $647,748 grant to Montana State University-Northern to fund the biodiesel program. The grant could lead the way to 26 jobs in the area, but more important it could move the program, a very bright spot in the Hi-Line's economic future, a long way forward.

Dart — Western Tradition Partnership is in a big hurry to hand Montana's political process over to corporations and political high rollers. The Montana Supreme Court has ruled that the United States Supreme Court's decision that, in effect, a corporation is a person is not valid in Montana state and local races. The Supreme Court will probably hear the partnership's appeal, but the plaintiffs don't want to wait until then to tarnish the Treasure State's political process. It wants to open the floodgates to corporate contributions right away. Fortunately, Attorney General Steve Bullock is opposing that ghastly idea, asking Montana's high court to let the state's 99-year-old ban on corporate contributions stay in effect during the expected appeal.

Laurel — People with mental health issues often feel like they are fighting a lonely battle to get help. They feel like they are the only ones to ever face the issues they are facing. Professionals can help. But the biggest support sometimes can be their peers. A peer support program is being launched to show that others in the community want to help those in need. Interested in helping out? Call Michelle Holden at 945-3187.

Laurel — Montana's unemployment rate never hit the highs that affected other parts of the nation, but the recession still had an impact on our area. But this week, it was announced that the jobless rate has declined for the fourth month in a row. Along the Hi-Line, the jobless rate is lower than it is statewide, and in Montana it is lower than it is nationwide. It's another sign that at long last, the recession may be winding down.


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