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'Phenomenal year' for park revenue

The superintendent of Beaver Creek Park said 2012 was a really good year for revenue at the park, with high use through the summer.

"This is a … phenomenal year, " Superintendent Chad Edgar said.

Edgar said the budget for the park this year was about $180,000. The total revenue of the park was about $190,000 after the state bed tax is deducted.

That revenue will be applied to next year's budget.

The good year follows a series of increases in rates approved last year, including raising cabin lease rates from $300 to $350, raising reserved campsite rates from $40 to $50 and raising cattle grazing lease rates to $11 a month per animal unit, up from the previous rate of $10 per animal unit for each of September and October and $9 for November and $8 for December.

The breakdown was:

  • Cattle grazing leases, $83,318
  • Cabin leases, $42,000
  • Park use permits, $31,000
  • Camp Kiwanis reservations, $19,240, plus $100 for the Kiwanis Chapel
  • $8,320 from campsite reservations
  • $7,215 from haying

The state took $2,484.50 for bed taxes.


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