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State A Wrestling Update: Havre will place eleven overall, still leads heading into the final two ro

Updated at 1 p.m. Saturday: The Havre Blue Ponies have a solid lead heading into the final two rounds of the Class A state tournament in Billings. The Ponies won four of seven matches in the consolation semifinals as Logan Pleninger (105), Dylan Stewart (112), Kody Pribyl (140) and Jase Billy (189) all advanced to the consolation finals. Wrestling for fifth-sixth will be, Thomas Gruber (130), Gilbert Bara (135) and Travis Adams (215). In the team race, Havre is on top with 215.5 points. Sidney is within striking distance at 188 points, while Hardin is third, followed by Belgrade, Colmbia Falls and Corvallis.

Consolation Semifinal Results

Weight: 105

Logan Pleninger (HAV) def Eddy Day (LAU), Fall 2:46

Cameron Linstead (CFS) def Torrey Watts (MCY), Fall :49

Weight: 112

Layne Schafer (SID) def Chase Conner (COR), Fall 4:40

Dylan Stewart (HAV) def Tyler Ishler (FTN), Fall 2:26

Weight: 119

Josh Venema (COR) def Chandler Metcalf (HAR), Fall 2:16

Carlos Quinones (POL) def Haze Bell (CFS), Fall 2:47

Weight: 125

Seth McCall (CFS) def Gunnar Fairbrother (COR), Dec 6-2

Zach Crace (LIB) def Trei Bulluck (LEW), Fall 2:36

Weight: 130

Tyler Forcella (GLE) def Tanner Johnson (BEL), Dec 8-6

Karson Kukes (LAU) def Thomas Gruber (HAV), Dec 4-2

Weight: 135

Cody Lemons (FTN) def Zach Hart (BUC), Dec 5-3

Layne Lantis (GLE) def Gilbert Bara (HAV), Dec 6-0

Weight: 140

Cole Campbell (HAR) def Craig Feistner (POL), Dec 7-3

Kody Pribyl (HAV) def Jon Lemon (HAR), Fall 4:12

Weight: 145

Cody Johnson (SID) def Bryan Shaffer (CFS), Dec 6-2

Tyler Kinn (GLE) def Wyatt Lott (COR), Dec 13-6

Weight: 152

Spencer Brost (SID) def Garret Chapel (LIB), Fall 4:47

Levi Butkay (HAR) def Logan Fisher (FTN), Fall 2:36

Weight: 160

Wyatt Jessop (COR) def Cody Christian (SID), Fall 2:08

Ethan Reich (ANA) def Keevan Pickle (BEL), Dec 4-2

Weight: 171

Bryce Akers (BEL) def Sean Getchell (CEN), Fall 4:51

David Anderson (FTN) def Ethan Blythe (LEW), Dec 6-1

Weight: 189

Jase Billy (HAV) def Parker Tezak (DIL), Dec 5-3

Dace Fisher (SID) def Jaden Bryant (BEL), Fall 4:34

Weight: 215

Bryce Wigert (ANA) def Sam Van Beek (BEL), Fall :22

James Weidow (COR) def Travis Adams (HAV), Fall :31

Weight: 285

Donovan Hucke (DIL) def Chris Empter (LIV), Dec 4-3

Bryce Blumenschein (BEL) def Jordan Zuraff (FTN), Dec 5-2

Weight: 98

Clayton Carter (LAU) def Wyatt VanBuren (SID), Fall 2:19

Cody Warner (FTN) def Eric LaFontaine (HAR), Fall 1:36

Updated at 11:40 a.m. Saturday: 98-pound freshman Keegan Kennelly, 105-pound sophomore Grayson Brenna, 189-pounder senior Grant Pattison and 215-pound junior Tyler Adams will compete for the ultimate prize later today at the Billings Metra. All four were victorious in the Class A semifinals, and will wrestler in the finals today starting at 4 p.m. Losing in the semis for Havre this morning was Logan Pleninger, Dylan Stewart, Thomas Gruber, Kody Pribyl and Travis Adams, all of which are wrestling right now in the consolation semifinals. Havre will place a total of 11 wrestlers and the Ponies holds a 20-point lead over Sidney. Havre has scored 188.5 to the Eagles 163.5. The Ponies and Eagles appear to be the only two teams that can win the Class A title at this point. Hardin is a distant third at 140 points.

Championship Semifinals

Weight: 105 Ethan Graves (SID) def Logan Pleninger (HAV), Dec 7-5 Grayson Brenna (HAV) def Cameron Linstead (CFS), Fall 3:44 Weight: 112 Zach Wall (CEN) def Chase Conner (COR), Dec 12-6 Shonn Roberts (CFS) def Dylan Stewart (HAV), Fall 3:14 Weight: 119 Gresh Jones (SID) def Josh Venema (COR), Fall 1:32 Hunter Grover (LEW) def Carlos Quinones (POL), Fall 5:46 Weight: 125 Dylan Moll (POL) def Gunnar Fairbrother (COR), Fall 5:11 Jarrett Degen (BEL) def Zach Crace (LIB), Fall 2:44 Weight: 130 Bryan Armstrong (ANA) def Tyler Forcella (GLE), Dec 1-0 Dillon Tennant (GLE) def Thomas Gruber (HAV), Dec 5-3 Weight: 135 Mitch Haugen (LIB) def Zach Hart (BUC), Dec 3-1 Bryce Weatherston (BEL) def Layne Lantis (GLE), T-Fall 18-2 Weight: 140 Jorden Stevens (SID) def Craig Feistner (POL), Dec 4-1 Dillon Beeler (GLE) def Kody Pribyl (HAV), Fall 1:59 Weight: 145 Shawn Purcell (HAR) def Bryan Shaffer (CFS), Fall :40 Keaton Sterling (BEL) def Tyler Kinn (GLE), Dec 9-5 Weight: 152 George Smith (CEN) def Spencer Brost (SID), Dec 8-1 Jim Malone (LEW) def Levi Butkay (HAR), Dec 7-1 Weight: 160 Lane Boka (DIL) def Cody Christian (SID), Dec 9-5 Cole Bilbrey (GLE) def Ethan Reich (ANA), Dec 6-4 Weight: 171 Austin Bailey (LIB) def Sean Getchell (CEN), Fall 1:41 Ryder Peterson (SID) def David Anderson (FTN), Fall 4:43 Weight: 189 Grant Pattison (HAV) def Parker Tezak (DIL), Fall 2:57 Steven Keeten (HAR) def Jaden Bryant (BEL), Fall 2:25 Weight: 215 Tyler Adams (HAV) def Bryce Wigert (ANA), Dec 5-0 Joe Murdock (HAR) def Travis Adams (HAV), Fall 1:01 Weight: 285 Dakota Rutherford (BRW) def Donovan Hucke (DIL), Dec 2-1 Cody Stone-Murphy (LAU) def Bryce Blumenschein (BEL), Dec 7-4 Weight: 98 Clay Stillwagon (BUC) def Clayton Carter (LAU), Dec 4-3

Keegan Kenelly (HAV) def Cody Warner (FTN), Dec 4-3

Consolation 3rd Round Results for Havre

285 - Chris Empter (LIV) def Dustin Odegard (HAV), Fall 3:26; 189 - Jase Billy (HAV) def Connor Murdock (HAR), Fall :27; 171 - Bryce Akers (BEL) def Jake Williams (HAV), M-Dec 11-0; 160 - Keevan Pickle (BEL) def J T Belcourt (HAV), Dec 5-0; Wyatt Jessop (COR) def Jason Kohler (HAV), Fall 4:12; 135 - Gilbert Bara (HAV) def Lyle Degen (BEL), M-Dec 13-0.


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