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Thanks to young couple who helped after fall onto ice


Today, Saturday, I left my apartment on 4th Avenue to take out the trash.

As I came to the sidewalk, I noticed that the sidewalks were pretty icy, but the roads weren't an option either, as they were probably in worse condition that the sidewalks. I walked very carefully.

A few steps from the building where I live, I ended up falling on the ice, when I tried to get up it was next to impossible due to the ice buildup. I tried on several occasions to get up and couldn't. As I was trying to get up yet again I saw two vehicles at the corner ... one a police cruiser, the other a pickup truck. The police cruiser kept going, but the pickup truck with a young couple in it said they saw me on the ground trying to get up. They chose to go around the block and come see if I was OK. They helped me up off the ground and helped me get back to my apartment building, while also graciously offering to take my trash to the trash cans.

This young couple didn't have to circle the block to see if I was OK or needed help, but they did. I would like to say thank you to this young couple who cared enough to come and see if I was OK. God bless you both.

I'm not sure who is responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalks and the streets, keeping them ice-free or at the very least sanded or salted for those of us who walk. I'm sure I am not the only one living in Havre who is not happy with the winter road/sidewalk conditions.

Marilyn Lee



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