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Expanding Medicaid is the best option


Montanans rely on the U.S. government for many things, including significant investment in our roads and bridges, in federal lands in our state and in our health care system, largely through Medicare and Medicaid. The Montana State Legislature is currently considering whether or not to modernize Montana's Medicaid system by green-lighting a federal program that will significantly increase the number of federal dollars available to the state of Montana to serve people who need access to healthcare services.

As a medical professional and as a Republican, I strongly urge Montana's Republican state legislators to recognize that the job creation, the economic development and the opportunity to modernize our Medicaid system is sound public policy and good politics for our party. Please stand with other conservative Republicans, including North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in support of legislation to improve Medicaid and increase the number of Montana families served by this important healthcare program.

Please join with your Republican colleagues to take a leadership role to pass this legislation and ensure that it includes important measures that prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Dr. Jane Gillette, DDS



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