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Havre High's Murphy wins top award for Class A schools

Havre Daily News/Lindsay Brown

Dennis Murphy poses for a portrait in his office this morning.

Havre High School Activities Director Dennis Murphy went to last weekend's Montana High School Association meeting as a representative of Havre Public Schools, and he came back the 2013 Class A Athletic Director of the Year.

His colleagues in the Montana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association voted to give Murphy the award, though he insists he didn't earn it alone.

"Like with any honor you look at, it's the people around you that really make things work, " Murphy said this morning. "A good secretary, good staff, good coaches make things work. When you're the activities director, you're one of many, a part of one big picture. "

Havre Public Schools Superintendent Andy Carlson wanted to make sure Murphy was not able to deflect all the praise.

"If he could have, he would have prevented anyone from knowing about this, " Carlson said. "I think he's very deserving. I think he encapsulates what I believe coaching and athletics is about. "

Carlson is impressed with how Murphy is able to do not just his job, but also anything anyone may require of him.

He stepped up as acting Havre High School Principal for the entire 2011-2012 school year, then helped transition after current principal Craig Mueller was hired and returned to his activities role.

"It's well deserved based on my experience, " Mueller said. "I know he's extremely well organized. We never have to worry about athlete events. He's known across the state for his great work. "

Carlson recalled a specific instance of Murphy's dedication to ensuring events go as well as possible, just this week.

"I think of him at that wrestling match I was at Tuesday night, " Carlson said. "He helped set all that up. He was cleaning up spilled pops and setting up chairs for students from CMR.

"It's things like that that make him the AD he is. We're pretty fortunate to have someone like Mr. Murphy up here. "


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