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Rape trial continues with defendant on the stand

MISSOULA (AP) — Former University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson testified Wednesday that he did not rape the woman who accuses him of assaulting her last year as the two watched a movie.

"I would never do that to anyone," he said.

Johnson told jurors the sex was consensual and the woman never told him to stop, or he would have.

"If somebody says no, you stop," he said. "You respect that."

Johnson is charged with sexual intercourse without consent. A defendant is not required to testify at a criminal trial, and jurors are instructed not to hold that against them, but Johnson said he wanted to speak.

"I want people to know what happened," he said.

Johnson said when he went to the woman's residence that night, he thought sex was a possibility, but, "I wasn't expecting it."

He said his encounter with the woman began with kissing and quickly progressed to sex. Johnson said few words were exchanged except for when the woman asked if he had a condom and said, "That's OK," when he said he didn't.

"At what point did she say no?" asked defense attorney Kirsten Pabst.

"She never said no," Johnson replied.

Prosecutor Adam Duerk has said the woman tried to stop Johnson, but he forced himself on her.

Jurors also heard from Johnson's roommate, Bo Tully, who plays football at Montana. He said when Johnson received a letter from the UM dean informing him he'd been accused of rape, Johnson looked shocked.

Several teammates took Johnson to then-coach Robin Pflugrad's house.

"He told me everything would be OK," Johnson said.

Johnson got emotional as he explained how the accusation affected his family. He cried as his father, Martin Johnson, testified that his son is quiet, humble and respectful and that he was shocked by the accusation against him.

"I can say with my right hand to God I haven't seen a student more honest than Jordy," said Martin Johnson, who has been a teacher and coach in Eugene, Ore., for 30 years.

The defense is expected to wrap up its case with one final witness Thursday. District Judge Karen Townsend said the jury is expected to begin deliberations Friday.

The trial began with jury selection Feb. 8.


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