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Our View: Turner, Hogeland plan for their futures

The small towns of Turner and Hogeland in northern Blaine County can be an inspiration to the small communities along the rest of the Hi-Line.

The roots in these communities are deep. Many people have lived there for decades.

But like in many farm-based communities, the population is declining as farms grow bigger.

There are fewer businesses to support the community. It is easier than it once was to drive to nearby communities or shop on the Internet.

Some people would say the lifestyle of Turner and Hogeland are from another era.

The folks in Turner and Hogeland hope not.

It would be a shame to see these fine towns slip into history, like so many farm communities have.

Don't worry. The people of the Big Flat region are seeing to it that the towns will not fade away.

They have formed the Big Flat Community Grain Bin Inc., and it has been granted nonprofit status.

The nonprofit can now act as a community clearinghouse for projects requiring nonprofit status. It can be a place where people can come together to see what can be done for the community they love.

It can serve as an organization that can apply for grants or conduct other fund-raising projects.

The community organization's board of directors will hold its first meeting Friday, Feb. 8. The board is hoping to hear a wide range of ideas from community members on just what path the new organization — and the community itself — will take.

We're sure that the folks in Turner and Hogeland will show up in force.


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