Thanks to community members for Town Square work


Spring is finally here and our Town Square was mowed and cleaned by a few of us from the Havre Chamber Town Square committee during Havre Pride Day.

The reason for this letter is to personally thank my committee members for more than 10 years of dedication in this project. Havre, did you know that this committee of people mow, clean and maintain our community square each week.

A big thank you goes out to David Clausen, Tracy Job, Rick Sedahl, Mike Palmer, Garrett Edmonds, John Mclain, Jennifer Kinsella and Debbie Vandeberg.

Havre, did you know that for the month of July, our park is mowed by the staff from Mastersports. A big thank you goes out to Mastersports.

And a special thanks to my dad, Giles Majerus. Dad is always ready in the spring with the tractor mower and helps us out as well. So the next time you see any of the people above around town or in their place of business, please take a minute and thank them as well. Their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Debbie Callahan

Chairperson, Havre Chamber

Town Square Project


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