Thanks owed to many for Buckle Up successes



On behalf of the Hill County Buckle Up Coalition, I would like to thank everybody who helped contribute to our Ghost-Out project at Havre High School on May 15.

Thank you to all students whom we took out of class and painted their faces. We appreciate your seriousness in this project and helping make an impact with your peers.

I would like to thank all the students that participated in the public service announcement video contest. You all did a fantastic job. Also, thank you Vicky Proctor in helping put this video contest together.

I would like to thank Triangle Communications, Scott Stobel, Angie Allstead, Todd Klassy and Tom Metcalfe. They took our idea and made it better than we ever expected. You guys did great work and you were awesome to work with.

Thank you to Havre Fire Department, Jack Tretheway, Dave Krezelak and Tyler Thompson. We appreciate all your time, equipment and help in making our video. Also thank you to Ace Towing's Scott Seidal and Terry Lodmell for letting us use your cars for the video.

Also I would like to say a big thank-you to McKenna Barkus for taking part in our video. You did a great job. Thank you to Kristi Shettel that came out and helped paint faces at the high school. Thank you to Andy Carlson, Craig Mueller and Kip Lewis for helping us with this project at HHS.

Most of all I would like to thank Ryan Pearson of the Havre Police Department. Without your help this project would not have gone forward like it did. You did a great job in helping put everything together. Thank to each and every one of you in making this project a success.

All videos coming soon on the Hill County Buckle up Facebook page, along with a link at

Mary Owens

Hill County Buckle Up coordinator


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