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Concern about road chemicals


So, Chouteau County road crews are going to be putting magnesium chloride down in the hills, corners and wherever else they want.

I recall a few years back the county did this and it was a terrible mess. The washboards and pot holes turned rock hard after the magnesium chloride was put down. Also, isn't magnesium chloride the stuff that wears on your car's metal? Isn't that the stuff that everyone complains about all over the United States because it rusts out vehicles? Maybe the county will keep a bay open at the shop for us to wash our vehicles.

I am not at all happy with the county's decision to do this to the roads. I feel that the farmers, ranchers and those of us who run our own vehicles on the roads all the time should have some say. Most everyone works hard to keep their equipment nice. Mixed off with water or not, it is bad stuff.

Once the county puts this on, that is it. They will not have to drive on it and they won't maintain the roads again until the fall. I say just go out and maintain the roads, grade them so the aren't in a bowl shape that holds water. Other county road crews can do it, I think ours should be able to, too.

I have worked hard to deliver mail on all of my mail days, no matter what the weather. It is not the weather that is going to stop me from delivering the mail, it is the road conditions. My pickup and I can't take the treacherous roads anymore. Everyone that has a job should be proud of the work they do, if not, they should find a different job.


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