Voice your opinion: Is this the worst mosquito season ever?


Wet weather has prompted an increase in the number of mosquitoes on the Hi-Line. So we asked people at random:

Is this the worst mosquito season ever?

“I noticed they’re worse at night,” Brandon Dean said. He said that he works from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. and when he walks home from work, the mosquitos are especially bad.

Trisha Buie said she is from Washington, and the mosquitos are, “crazier here than they are in Washington!” She also said that her son is always covered in mosquito bites. “They attack more frequently,” she said, “even when it’s hot.”

Dean Rosette recently moved here from Washington and said he has never seen mosquitoes like this. “It’s unbelieveable, man.” He said he and his family stopped between Great Falls and Havre to stretch their legs, “and those mosquitos attacked us.” He was even wearing a sweatshirt despite the heat in an effort to keep the mosquitos at bay.

Keith Diana was just traveling through when he encountered the mosquitos. “They’re vicious,” he said. “I’m from Florida, so I’m used to them; you can just shake your arm and they’ll let go. But here they hang on for dear life.” He said that he has noticed that spray has little effect on them. “They’ll bite through a sleeping bag, clothes — they don’t care.”


Reader Comments

moosemt writes:

Worst ever. They were so terrible but after it stopped raining and they got the spray truck out I was able to sit in my front yard and brush my dogs no problem. What a big difference. Thank goodness for the spray truck! Also, Keeping an eye on any standing water around my house for sure!

Mtbaldspot1 writes:

I lived in Havre for 23 years and I cannot recall the mosquitoes being this bad. We were in Chinook recently and we literally ran from our truck to the courthouse to escape the swarm of hungry mosquitoes that attacked us as soon as we left our truck. It was horrible.


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