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Summer is here, be safe with your dogs


Now that summer is upon us and everyone is outside enjoying their daily activities, the Havre Police Department has been receiving complaints concerning several city ordinance dog violations. I would like to remind everyone as to what the city of Havre ordinances state.

The following ordinances can also be viewed online on Sterling Codifiers under the city of Havre, http://www.sterlingcodifiers.com.

6-2-5: Animal Running at Large

An animal that is off the premise of the Owner or Keeper of said Animal and not under control of the owner or any other person either by leash, cord, chain, or other physical means of control is hereby declared to be an animal running at large.

So if you’re letting your dog outside and you don’t have a fenced yard or a leash, chain or cable to keep your dog in your yard, as soon as it walks off your property it is now considered to be at large and you can be issued a citation. If you are taking your dog for a walk it needs to be under your physical control either with a leash, chain, cord or other physical means. If your dog is not under your physical control then again you can be issued a citation.

To go along with this ordinance there are several other ordinances for people to be aware of. They are:

6-2-6: Vicious Animal

Biting: An animal biting in any manner, causing injury to human or animal is hereby declared to be a vicious animal.

6-2-14: Nuisance Animals

An animal that causes frequent or long continued noise, disturbing the peace of two (2) or more persons in different households is hereby declared to be a nuisance animal. Any person who owns, harbors, or keeps a nuisance animal on any premises occupied or controlled by him that allows an animal to make frequent or long continued noise shall be in violation of this section.

6-2-15: Animals Prohibited from City Parks

Animals shall be prohibited from City Parks.

6-2-17: Aggressive Animals:

An animal that destroys property or pets, attempts to bite or chases after persons not trespassing on the property of the owner, or injures or attempts to injure the owner, family or property of the owner is hereby declared to be an aggressive animal. It is unlawful for any person to own, harbor, keep or maintain an aggressive animal and it shall be the duty of the animal control officer and all law enforcement officers to issue tickets and file complaints for all such violations occurring in their presence. Any person aggrieved by an aggressive animal may file a complaint at the city of Havre Police Department, charging the owner with violating this section, where the offense is not committed in the presence of the animal control officer or a law enforcement officer.

Please keep these ordinances in mind, especially this time of year when there are a lot more people out and about, walking, jogging, running and spending time with family.

(Ryan Pearson is community resource officer for the Havre Police Department.)


Reader Comments

kris writes:

How many people pick-up after there dog is running free in our parks? Very few! How many people have been chased or bitten by a dog running free in our parks? Many! Build a dog park-great idea. Get on it dog owners.

YES writes:

I agree mtmountainman. I hate them dang cats and I do sling their deposits back over the fence into the neighbors yard but they still let them come on over to make more deposits. I think they do it on purpose because I holler bloody murder when I have to go get my shovel to sling the deposits back. I might just use said shovel to bury the dang cat

Mtmountainman writes:

People need to realize that cats are animals too and the law applies to them also. Cats should by law be kept on your property and not be allowed to use other peoples flower beds, lawns, etc. as litter boxes all year round. Let them kill the birds at your house rather than the ones I feed at my place in the winter. This is so rude of some cat owners that I just want to take my dog doodoo over and place it on their front porch or set live traps for the cats and take them to animal control.

Jim writes:

As long as I pay taxes to support the parks I will let my dog run there. The city should make a dog park someplace if they don't want my dog in the parks

moosemt writes:

Dogs not allowed in any City Park? That is bogus.


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