Why no refreshments offered at Sounds on the Square?


Havre, the "pride of the Hi-Line." in the Treasure State of Montana ... but do we have some whiners among us?

The summer fun activities are wonderful, especially Sounds on the Square on Wednesday evenings. However, in attending the very first musical showcase featuring the amazing Blind Luck, we were disappointed there was not going to be refreshments sold during the melody extravaganza.

We heard, through the grapevine, the reason food is not being sold is because local merchants feel selling food would take away from their own eatery establishments.

Come on! One night of music, once a week, for a few weeks is not going to make or break a business. And I do feel disappointment. Havreites seem like truly friendly and happy folks. I'm wondering who is the culprit or culprits doing the whining.

After working, there is just enough time to get to the Square, let alone go home or go out for dinner, it would be nice to have refreshments at the Square. I do not believe the merchants are making much money on Wednesday nights, anyway, so many folks brought their own food.


Reader Comments

thumbsdown writes:

Chamber of Commerce makes the rules for Sounds of the Square...so why are there no food vendors/non profits being allowed to have food on Wednesdays?

BULL writes:

No local eatery cares one bit about someone selling hotdogs at the park. Again hearsay grapevine reposting instead of the facts. My guess would be that burdensome city park insurance requirements and the sanitation departments over-reaching food police power have more to do with this than anything else. Why don't you rally some help and provide some refreshments yourself if it troubles you so instead of spewing nonsense?

Jim writes:

Once we get a big majority of democrats back on the council after the election we should ask that the city provide sandwiches and beverages. They could make some money to go towards a water park or something for the kids


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