Hi-Line Darts and Laurels, July 19, 2013


Dart — It’s bad enough when someone steals an American flag from any place. But the actions of the people who took the flag that flew for all to see at Community Effort Pavillion and Campground at Beaver Creek Park are especially repulsive. The Railroad Pagers worked hard to get the community to support the new pavillion that all area residents will be able to enjoy. If you know who did it, call the Hill County Sheriff’s Office right away.

Laurel — Gilbert Horn was honored by District 2 American Legion last week. He served in Burma World War II. The area saw some of the most fierce fighting in all of the war. After returning home to Fort Belknap, he was active in the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars for many years. He is now a resident of Northern Montana Care Center. Thanks for your service, Mr. Horn.

Laurel — While we are at it, congratulations to Jon Monteaux, the commander of District 2 who is undertaking an effort to all the World War II veterans in his area, which extends from Saco to Chester and south to Big Sandy. It is a very worthy task, and it is a very difficult task. The world would be a radically different place if these people had not put their lives on hold and answered the call to fight the most brutal dictators in human history.

Dart — The Blackfeet nation jailed one of its members this week for criticizing the tribal leadership. Byron Farmer may be a pain in the neck for tribal leaders, and he may be off target in his criticisms. But, although it is a sovereign nation, Blackfeet members are still protected by the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech. We hope Farmer fights the tribe to the hilt on this.

Laurel — 4-H’ers should always be proud of the work they do, but they should especially be pleased about what they have done at the Great Northern Fair this week. Special praise to Michael Compton and Natalen Kinsella, the teen and queen for the coming year.


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