Hi-Line Junior Rodeo a big hit


Lindsay Brown

Colter Solomon holds onto his sheep during the 4-6 sheep riding in the Hi-Line Junior Rodeo Thursday night at the Great Northern Fair.

The Great Northern Fair always has a lot to offer in the way of sports. But Thursday night, the grandstands belonged to the participants of the Hi-Line Junior Rodeo.

Dozens of cowboys and cowgirls from all over the Hi-Line, ranging from 4-18 competed for prizes Thursday inside the Great Northern Fairgrounds arena. And with several events, including sheep riding, flag race, barrel racing, chute doggin’, steer riding, the arena boot race, goat ribbon untying, goat tying, breakaway roping, pole bending and team roping, there were plenty of top times, scores and prizes to go around.

The youngsters looked promising in their events.

A couple of young cowgirls dominated the 4-8 year old barrel racing, and flag racing events. Kenzie Kallenberger took first place in the barrel race with a time of 22.01, and first in the flag race with a time of 13.90. And Bree Swanson took second in both, finishing the barrel race in 26.13, and the flag race in 18.19 seconds. Colter Solomon took first place (58) in the sheep riding, while Alex Four Colors took second (53). Paisley Branden won the arena boot race, while Swanson won the goat untying with a time of 18.78, and Shane Patacsil Jr. took second with a time of 11.79.

There were also a few standouts in the 9-13 year-old events.

In the goat tying, Cole Hould took home the top prize with a time of 22.16, while Brittney Cox was second with a time of 40.21. Rebecca Stroh had a strong showing in the pole bending, turning in a time of 24.24, but Brietta Boyce matched the effort with the same time. Hailey Bell was third with a time of 25.46. The barrel races were also tight, as Krisyn Kittson took first with a time of 18.68, and Stroh took second with a time of 19 seconds flat. Lane Allen took first in the breakaway roping, and Cole Hould took second. No times were reported. And rounding out the field of competitors, Rylan Mitchell took first in the steer riding, while Kaitlin Bishop took second, no scores were reported.

But not to be outdone, the 14-18 year-old participants also turned in a lot of impressive marks across the board.

Team ropers Colton Bender and Paige Swinney had a tough outing, but got the job done in 1:36 on a re-ride. Lacey Waid took first in the breakaway roping with a time of 6.63, and Laurel White was a close second with a time of 9.35. Waid also took second in the pole bending (27.04), while Tylynn Rettig was first with a time of 21.10. Rettig also took first in the barrel racing, finishing in 17 seconds flat. Brandi Johnson was second with a time of 19.43. Laurel White took first in the goat tying (13.87), and Paige Swinney took second (14.30). Anthony Hoag won the chute doggin’ with a time of 10.53.

The action was nonstop for nearly four hours at the grandstands Thursday night. And on the big stage, several area cowboys and cowgirls proved they have a future in rodeo.

And if the Junior Rodeo wasn’t enough for rodeo fans, the NRA rodeo will take place tonight and Saturday at the Great Northern Fair.

Sheep Riding – Colton Solomon, 58; Alex Four Colors, 53.

4-8 Barrel Racing – Kenzie Kallinberger, 22.10; Bree Swanson, 26.13.

4-8 Flag Race – Kenzie Kallenberger, 13.90; Bree Swanson, 18.19.

Arena Boot Race – Paisley Branden.

14-18 Chute Doggin – Anthony Hoag, 10.53.

9-13 Goat Tying – Cole Hould, 22.16; Brittney Cox, 40.21.

14-18 Goat Tying – Laurel White, 13.87; Paige Swinney, 14.30.

Goat Ribbon Untying – Bree Swanson 10.78; Shane Patacsil Jr 11.79.

9-13 Steer Riding – Rylan Mitchell; Kaitlin Bishop.

14-18 Breakaway Roping – Lacey Waid, 6.63; Laurel White, 9.35.

9-13 Pole Bending – Rebecca Stroh, 24.24; Brietta Boyce, 24.24; Hailey Bell, 25.46.

Lindsay Brown

Hailey Bell steers through the 9-13 pole bending competition during the Junior Rodeo Thursday night in Havre.

14-18 Pole Bending – Tylynn Rettig, 21.10; Lacey Waid, 27.04.

9-13 Barrel Racing – Kristyn Kittson, 18.68; Rebecca Stroh, 19.00.

14-18 Barrel Racing – Tylynn Rettig, 17.00; Brandi Johnson, 19.43.

9-13 Breakaway Roping – Lane Allen; Cole Hould.

Team Roping – Colton Bender/Paige Swinney, 1:36..


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