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Hi-Line Darts and Laurels

Laurel — Ken Blatt St. Marks, after being elected, removed from office, and placed on and off the ballot time and again, St. Marks was elected chair of the Chippewa Cree tribal council Tuesday. The tribe has gone through some very difficult times in recent months. St. Marks now faces the difficult task of trying to reconcile factions while keeping the pressure on for a full investigation of the criminal wrongdoing federal officials insist is going on. Best of luck in this effort, Mr. St. Marks.

Laurel — An impressive ceremony and an equally impressive display of candor marked the beginning of Christopher Richards tenure as head of the Havre Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol earlier this week. The Border Patrol is becoming an important part of Havre’s economic and social life. Richards seems to realize the importance of Border Patrol-local community relations and has promised to help build stronger ties.

Laurel — First Lutheran Church celebrated its 100th anniversary last week. For a century the church has been a vital part of the Havre community. People involved in the church have been instrumental in the day-to-day life of the Havre community. May that bond continue for the next century.


Reader Comments(2)

urnotintheknow writes:

without ken in there, the current crop of clowns, misfits and ne'erdowells are busy keeping their cozy lifestyles for just a wee bit longer. they don't care about the people, just ask northern hospital how much this tribe owes them. a snaky group of people who do not want ken in there to get them out sooner for the good of the people.

InTheKnow writes:

When will the HDN get it right. St. Marks had nothing at all to do with initiating the investigations, the investigations started over two years ago when Jake Parker was indicted. From what I heard, St. Marks is under investigation himself for alleged kickbacks, bribes, fraud, money laundering and a few other mis-deeds. Why do you keep insisting this former dope pusher started the whole thing.

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