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Hill, Blaine counties ordered to pay $1.35M in Longsoldier's death


August 12, 2013

HELENA (AP) — Hill and Blaine counties, having appealed that appealed an order to pay $300,000 to the estate of an 18-year-old man who died of alcohol withdrawal suffered in the Hill County jail have now been ordered to pay $1.35 million.

The Montana Human Rights Commission found last week that the hearings examiner did not award damages for the entire period of time that A.J. Longsoldier suffered from untreated acute alcohol withdrawal before his November 2009 death.

The Independent Record reports (http://bit.ly/1d0oP5u ) the commission found Blaine and Hill counties were liable for the entire 33 hours Longsoldier suffered because jail officers did not fill a prescription to ease his symptoms.

The hearings examiner ordered jail staff to be trained on filling and administering prescription drugs and the commission added training in recognizing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.


Reader Comments

redman writes:

it's a known fact..the town of havre is racially hatred towards natives..also you forget natives are a major contributer towards havre's economy..montana man, you need a course in history, seriously!!!

unhappyreader writes:

so let me get this straight, some drunken young kid dies and the government has to be held responsible for his own dueings? that is some uncalled horse pucky news for sure. i hope they roll in the money like most do when they come into inheritance. just not good to read!

Willy writes:

Still have not heard why the hospital is not at fault. They should have been on the receiving end before Blaine County Sherriff's Department.

WorkingMom12 writes:

Good for them they needed some sort of justice. They should have treated his DT's whether or not he was an alcoholic/binge drinker. The lawsuit stems from a horrible loss of life and painful death of a very young talented athlete. Should it matter how much money is involved, NO because I am sure the family would rather have their boy back than the blood money. Maybe Havre Hospital and Havre Jail will think twice on how they treat Native American inmates.

Kev writes:

@ Native4Life he passed away from delirium tremens if you do some research to find out what that is you will have a better understanding. Its when someone suffers from withdrawls it can be related to cocaine, caffiene, pain medications etc. However when it happens in the case of alcohol, quote from wikipedia, When caused by alcohol, it occurs ONLY in patients with a history of alcoholism. Alcoholism and binge drinking are two totally different things. However its just a sad situation I agree.

Native4life writes:

I don't believe this kid was a drunk (a binge drinker, YES) but most kids @ that age are. I do agree that what happened could have been prevented but for people to blame him is wrong. He should not have been in that jail in the first place. Why arrest someone to tell the they are no longer on probation? And for the person saying that the family is only in it for the money...BS!! if they would have just paid the $300K it wouldn't be $1.3 million. I hope you never have to lose a loved 1 that way.

thumbsdown writes:

Thumbs down for the whole situation...but since we are talking about taking responsibility for one's own actions...that should apply to the poor actions taken by the hospital staff, the jailers, sherriffs, etc. in addition to Longsoldier. Add a little common sense and maybe the whole thing could have turned out with no life lost or million dollar lawsuit. Really, he was arrested so that he could be told that he was no longer under probation...that sucks!!!

Kev writes:

RCHays thats a ridiculous comment his death was self inflicted there is no arguing that. It was a sad story and a terrible loss for the family, but its time to start taking responsibility for your own actions. Him becoming an alcoholic is his fault him being thrown in jail is his fault, he created his own illness.


This is absolutely ridiculous. The kid was a drunk. Did it to himself. To take money from these places. shame on you. Just in it for the money!

RCHays writes:

No LVbadger it is not 40k per hour, it is 1.3m for a human life. Thank God for a court that looks through the eyes of right and wrong - the law - and not through the eyes of a self centered hater. The jailers should be charged with murder.

lvbadger writes:

So, this comes to over $40,000 an hour. This comes from a liberal unelected government agency appointed by the governor.

Willy writes:

How is the hospital not responsible also?


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